PLR SEO Promises – Be careful!

Do Not Be Tempted By PLR SEO Promises

New internet marketers can become easily tempted when they hear about PLR, or private label rights content. This content is typically created by marketers and then sold to thousands of people. This means that the internet is saturated with this same PLR content. Here are the reasons you should not be tempted by PLR SEO promises.

linksSold in Bulk

Private label rights articles are sold in bulk to whoever will purchase them. This is unfortunate for those who are depending on them to help build their website. Since this content is spread throughout the web, most of the people who purchase it are left out of the search rankings, and wasted their money purchasing articles or packs of articles.

Not Always Legal

PLR articles are not always obtained through legal methods. Many times, the websites that sell them did not create the products that they are selling. In an effort to make a profit, some websites copy and paste articles from reputable websites that are ranking high in search results. Because of this, you are risking charges of plagiarism, which is not something you bargained for.

Not Always Accurate

PLR articles are passed around the internet like wildfire. They are sold with rights to use the articles and the rights to sell the articles to thousands of other people. Basically, if you don’t make your money back through honourable methods, you can sell it to the next vulnerable, desperate person who crosses your path. This only creates more victims.

Questionable SEO Material

If the writer of the SEO pack you are trying to purchase could make a fortune off of their content, why are they not putting these amazing articles on their website? Well, simply put, they probably already did. Their website and the money they invested in the website were a flop, and now they are selling what is left to you in an effort to make back the money they lost. Some of them will make a small fortune off of vulnerable website owners who are desperate to become ranked in the search engines, but others will be penalized so severely that they become banned from search results because the product they bought was misrepresented.

seo prlOut-of-Date Research

What works today may not work tomorrow. Just because an article or a keyword phrase was popular a year ago, when the article was written, does not mean that Google will give the article or the approach a second look. Articles that are out of date, or provide outdated statistics, overused keywords, and ancient trends are a waste of space on your website. They may receive one or two views, but they will not bring in the results that you are looking for.

Chronic use of PLR articles in an effort to boost SEO can permanently damage your rankings with Google and other search engines. While purchasing PLR may be tempting when you are at a loss for what to do, it can cause a lot more harm than good.

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