SEO For Mobile Devices

Optimize Your Mobile-Friendly Website

Several research studies show that more people are using mobile devices, and that within a few years, mobile device usage could surpass that of the PC. It is for this reason that you want to consider SEO marketing for mobile devices, and the first step is building a mobile-friendly version of your website, which can be built by an experienced web designer if you’re not skilled in this. Once you complete that step, you can begin the process of SEO marketing for mobile devices.

There are several ways you can do this. One option is to incorporate the “click-to-call” feature on the site. With this feature, your site’s visitors can click on your company’s phone number, and then your company will be contacted right from their devices. Another idea is to include promo codes and online coupons on your website, so that they can quickly take advantage of your discounts.

mobile-coMake Sure Your Content Is Appealing

Just like the SEO techniques used with PCs, you need high quality content that will attract people to your mobile website. On the website, you should have detailed information about your company, such as what makes it stand out from others and some of your best-selling products. Also, include thorough product descriptions and some informative articles related to the products you sell. Include images as part of your content marketing strategy, as people are attracted to these.

Localize It

According to a survey from Our Mobile Planet, 94% of mobile device users search for local information on their devices, which means that you should give your mobile website a local touch, especially if your business primarily serves those in your city. This is why you need to include contact information that includes the city you’re located in, the phone number and the address. Also, include a store locator if you have several locations within your city.

Keep The Mobile Site Speedy

Nothing is more frustrating for mobile device users than very slow-uploading mobile websites. Keep this from happening by seeking out ways to boost the overall performance of the website so that the speed will be better and so that you’ll attract more people to the site.

Usability and Design Are Important

Another thing you should do is ensure that your mobile website is easy to navigate, because if it is hard for users to view and click on, you’ll lose out on potential customers. The overall design should be clean and simple and without numerous ads throughout the site. The user also should not have to go through complex steps in order to view certain pages on your website.

Mobile devices are in heavy use these days, which means that there will be high demand for professional and usable mobile-friendly websites. Take advantage of this opportunity and do what you can to create the best mobile-friendly website to attract these users. Update your website every few months, and hire a web designer if you lack certain skills in this area.

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