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Why Your SEO Isn’t Working?

Can you notice your SEO results?

After working long and hard on improving the search engine optimisation for your website, you still aren’t seeing results. Why might this be? Well, have you considered that there are a number of factors contributing to your search engine optimisation that you haven’t considered in your SEO strategy? This is why you need to keep apprised of what is going on. The more information you have about optimisation, the better off your website will be.

whyYou Got A New Website
While it may have been for the best, sometimes, when you get a new website, your search engine rankings might fluctuate downward. However, if you’ve kept your website well optimised for search engines, you will see those rankings return to where they were after a while. It can be tough when you reformat your website and the rankings go down, but if you’ve done your homework, everything should right itself in a while, as the web crawler updates its search results.

You Have A Lot of Low-Quality Links
Another thing that can make your search engine rankings go down is having a large amount of links to your site that are low quality. This can happen due to a number of different reasons. Some of them involve spammers; however, you don’t have to be dismayed. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of low-quality links to your website from websites outside of your control, you can use Google’s webmaster tools to disavow links. By disavowing those links, you’ll be able to tell Google that you do not want to be associated with those websites and their links to your page.

You Have A Bad Website Host
There is nothing worse than having a bad website host. If you have a website host that loads pages very slowly, you need to upgrade to a new one in order to maximize your SEO potential. Search engine web crawlers will know that your website is not optimised for high-powered search, and in a time where people want information in a nanosecond, every additional second (or minute in worst-case scenarios) will make them want to go to a different website. So it’s best to make sure that your web host provides you with quickly loading web pages.

There’s Been A Google Update

While this one is beyond your control, there can be an update to any one of Google’s search algorithms. Those search algorithms are called Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. You will need to keep advised of Google’s ever-changing webmaster guidelines to make sure that you have a properly formatted website. Their guidelines aren’t hard to follow, and will simply help you to follow only white-hat SEO techniques. Some of the content guidelines are as follows:

  • Have a clear hierarchy with text links, make sure all pages are reachable.
  • Offer your users a site map
  • Don’t over-inundate your users with links
  • Use text to identify important names, content or links
  • Make sure you don’t have any broken links
  • Use a Content Management System that creates pages and links that search engines can crawl
  • There are more things that you need to be compliant in for Google; however, these are some of the main points to consider.