4 Ways Social Media Significantly Impacts SEO

You might not think it, but social media does indeed have important effects on SEO. The two are very connected and share the same ultimate goal for your business, to attract new consumers. Both social media and SEO are inbound and organic approaches.

The fact that social media is about creating quality content to ensure solid brand presence and visibility, enables SEO efforts to improve the total reache through social media. Many marketers will tell you that positive SEO for your business will also result in a better social media presence.

SEO vs social media


Here are the 4 greatest ways that social media impacts SEO

1. External inbound links

On the various social media sites there is a higher level of encouragement of external website links. It is a good idea to diversify the type of external website links you have on your social media pages because Google looks more favourably on this.

This is where social media acts as a channel to broadcast your content on your website. You should try to use hashtags as this will increase visibility of your post and attract more followers to your page and website.

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website traffic2. Traffic and engagement

The main reason why businesses employ SEO tactics is to increase their website traffic and engagement, and social media is able to do this. You should share interesting content, blogs, videos, etc. from your website onto your social media pages.

That way, if people are interested and want to know more, they will go onto your website. This will therefore increase your website’s consumer engagement and traffic.

3. Your social media profile will also rank in Google

When searching for a brand name, more often than not, social media profiles are on the first page. It is important to focus on connecting social media and SEO to ensure that consumer get a more personal feel of the brand.

The more followers visit your social media profiles, the higher the rank on Google and the easier you are to find. For example, when “SEO Shark” was typed into Google, our Facebook profile is ranked 5th.

SEO Shar in Google searches

4. Social sharing

This gives just as much brand authority as external links. Google bases authority on external sources authenticating your content or brand as a whole.  Therefore when followers like, share, reply, favourite, retweet, etc. you social media posts, it acts as a form of validation for Google that your brand is authentic.

The more likes, shares, etc. the better because your brand will have more authority. It can be difficult to increase the likes, shares, etc. on your posts, however, one of the most common methods is to hold a social media competition.


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