headlines - the important element

SEO Headlines – the most important title

How Your Headline Plays Into SEO

You work hard on your website every day, only to sit back and see your competitor’s website grow exponentially. You are ranking higher and higher on Google search results, so why are your competitors websites bringing in thousands of dollars, while you are being overlooked? Have you compared your headlines to theirs?

Headlines are just as important as SEO and content. Just because you show up in the search result does not mean that your headlines draw more attention than the website after yours, and this may be why your website is being overlooked.

Your Headlines Says it All

You should never wait to tell your readers what clicking on your website will provide them. Your headline can tell them exactly what to expect from you, and it is the first chance you have to connect with your potential reader, or customer.

Studies have proven that people know within eight seconds whether they plan to click on a website, or whether they will stay on the website after they click on it. This is why your headline should always tell your reader what they need to know, and why they should stay on your website.

What Your Headline Should Provide

Your headline should grab your reader’s attention. It is the most effective way to get their attention in search listing. The headline is the reason that your reader is clicking on the link. You have their attention, now what?

After your reader accesses your website, you must keep their attention long enough to make them stick around. Now you need to keep your reader moving through your content long enough to trigger advertisement impressions or convince them to purchase your product. In order to do this, you must provide them with one intriguing fact after another. You should never use teasers or attempt to utilize tactics that make them search for the value you’re supposed to be providing them.

Your Headline Introduces the Value

The best place to start marketing your product is in the headline. When a potential customer searches for a word in your headline, the headline shows up in the search results. The words around the keyword must intrigue the visitor. Studies show that statistics are one of the most important methods of drawing attention. For example, if you are selling a “box product X” and so are 12 other websites, simply reducing the price and including “50% off box product X” in the headline will bring in a lot more customers looking for “box product x.”

This is not the only type of marketing tactic you can use, but financial savings is definitely an attention grabber across all continents.

Your product name and the savings you offer your customers can be very valuable keywords that draw attention. This is just one method of using your headline to draw people in. Think about your goals and what you offer people. Highlight the benefits your offer provides, and use those in your headline to grab attention.