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SEO in Google is Dead!

SEO is not dead. Actually, SEO is immortal.

There are speculations that the era of “SEO” being the benchmark upon which business is done online is gone. This is occasioned by the fact that there have been some inevitable changes in the system. However, I see SEO soaring even higher.

seo dead-gThere are many reasons why people started saying that SEO is dead. The number-one reason is that in the recent past, people were doing things that are wrong, to garner results. Many people buy spam links, while many others steal these links. However, Google came out with ways of detecting these practices and punishing offenders. Before, it used to be about links only. Now, however, it is about quality and natural links. Another reason why they say this is because in the past, nobody looked at bad designs, but now, Google and the visitors have preferences, and this includes how responsive your web design is and how easily it is navigated. The other reason is because many people place very poor content in their websites and drive numerous links to these. However, these days, for Google to protect its image and offer the best to the public, it does the ranking and determines visibility according to the quality of your content, for articles, images and videos.

With these being phased out, Google now rewards things that were not taken seriously in the past, like brand building. You have to take time to become an authority in your field, by offering valuable content and gathering enough followers and links. The others include mobile optimization, so that your entire website can be accessed by both mobile devices and even smaller screen gadgets. Content marketing and social media marketing are also among the new trends.

On the question of whether SEO is dead, the answer is: these latter methods that are being retained, are they not SEO?

The truth is that the results of these methods are still crawled by Google and other social media sites, and with them, pages are still ranked and made visible in the search engines, so this is proper SEO. SEO can never die. It is immortal as a method. Of course, if SEO dies, it means that either Google will no longer have a first page and a second page, and therefore, will operate in a way where all the millions of results are allowed to appear on their own, maybe in alphabetical order, or just allowed to struggle for space or appear randomly. If not, then it might take the turn of appearing according to how much you pay Google directly. However, since these have not happened, and since your visibility and ranking are still dependent on your conscious efforts through the accepted system, SEO is not dead and cannot die, at least not soon.

Since Google still makes the use of algorithms, which calculate information using a step-by-step approach like keywords, back links and the amount of traffic you garner, and since appearing on the search engines is still about connecting, SEO is still alive.