12 Reasons Why SEO is Important For Every Business

A lot of businesses are still working in the dark ages if they think that they can get away without being aware of their online presence. While Google collects information and compiles it into a dossier like form for potential consumers, ignorant business owners will fall by the wayside.

Without being aware of SEO, even without a website, businesses will suffer and fail due to neglect of a critical modern aspect of a company’s reputation. There are many reasons that SEO is important for every single business, regardless of having a website or not.

importance of seo

SEO is important for every business.

Make sure to have a read below at the top 12 reasons why SEO is important for every business:

1. Potential Customers Are Doing Research On Your Business

When clients are looking for your business on the Internet, they probably want to know what kind of reviews you have had, what work you have done, what kind of prices you charge and the experience that other people have had with you.

Potential clients will get recommendations off their friends and family, and then search for themselves about your business and will see everything that comes up on Google.

2. Potential Customers Expect You To Have An Online Presence Of Some Type

A typical consumer wants to save time, so most people will look for a company on the Internet prior to going and looking in a retail outlet for a potential purchase. The customers Google search of the company will determine whether or not they are reputable.

If there was no information about this company online, the customer would probably seriously reconsider purchasing for this business. Search engine optimisation not only occurs across the usual website channels and search engines.

There are other internet platforms that include forums, social media platforms and other company intranets always have the potential to hold information regarding the status of a business. You need to be in control of and aware of the information in your digital footprint as a business manager.

businesses online

Your business will need to be online, that includes a website.

3. Companies Without SEO Can Be Disregarded as Unprofessional

If you have not bothered to consider the effect that negative SEO can have on your company, and there are bad reviews on your products and services, then that will wipe a lot of potential clients from coming to you to access products and services.

As a business owner, if you become aware of the power that is SEO and you still choose to ignore it, do so at your own peril. Not only will you be unable to benefit from SEO, you will also not be able to combat against negative SEO.

4. Basic Websites Don’t Cut It

Creating your own website by using basic programs and hoping that merely by it being there to attract potential clients is neglecting the true value of having a website designed by a professional web developer.

Whilst a website can be well designed and you can have beautiful branding on your website, if there is no SEO that has been well researched and thought out, then you have limited potential to attract new customers.

When you plan for the SEO, and understand how Google ranks websites, a lot of Wix sites and do-it-yourself business solutions are just not able to compare with the quality of outsourcing the job to a professional web designer and SEO specialist.

professional web developer

When designing a website, it is better to enlist the assistance of a professional.

5. Google Has Created A Dossier On Your Business and You Should Know It

Are you fully in control of the information crawling across the Internet about your business, product, services and professional reputation? Did you know that Google composites information about your business from multiple online and mass media channels, and this creates a ranking about your business?

If you were aware of the value of public relations, and how you can improve your marketing and spend less on advertising to ensure that your profit margins are far more worthwhile, SEO would suddenly become very important.

A lot of business owners and managers are spending copious amounts on advertising, without being aware that they can maximise their marketing budgets by having more effective SEO. For example a company in Brisbane that provide leisure hire items was spending $25,000 per year on Google Adwords, and then was offered specialist SEO services.

Now that website is ranked number one on Google, and gets bookings to hire its equipment through organic searches, and only spending $2000 per year on advertising. That is how significant SEO is when it comes to enhancing profitability. You need to be aware of your Google footprint.

google has information

Google holds a lot of information about your business.

6. Google Algorithms Examine Reviews Across Multiple Channels Online

Google has programmed bots to crawl and comb finely across the Internet. As channels of digital media grow and are interlinked, the complexity of the web means a dedicated effort is needed by all companies to ensure they are aware of their digital footprint.

Other companies in your industry are keeping abreast of the increasing trend for even sole traders to engage SEO specialists, and it creates a large return on investment. Let’s discuss further with another example, a manager could spend $900 hiring a marketing junior to promote the company. This business didn’t receive any kind of significant return on the investment.

Had the business invested that $900 into contracting an SEO specialist, they would probably be in a far better position to attract potential clients. This is because the tactics in SEO are more specific and designed to boost your viability and traffic. When you have more traffic on the website, there is an increased chance for conversions and sales.

google algorithm

Google's algorithm is ever-changing, this makes it even more difficult to keep up.

Spending money on SEO development is important in every business, is designed to be effective and removes human resource headaches. Every business should care about removing headaches, and having an exceptional SEO campaign can aid in automating a lot of follow up and attraction of new clients.

7. Care About Reviews on Blogs and Social Media

Everything has the potential to contribute to the ranking of a business on the Internet, and a company needs to check their status through searching for themselves on the Internet prior to deploying their SEO campaign.

If anything negative has presented itself within a digital footprint, then a company can take steps to rectify this by pushing a lot more positive information about the company on the web. A manager should be proactive in negating bad reviews and provide real solutions to unhappy clients, and attempt to resolve these issues.

Unfortunately, negative reviews are a fact of life. It is virtually impossible to keep every single client 100% happy. What is important however, is how to deal with these reviews. If you would like more information on how to respond to negative reviews, have a read of one of our previous blogs.

negative reviews

There is no escaping negative reviews, you must learn how to properly deal with them.

8. Resolve Bad Publicity with Good SEO

Customers and clients often will review a company’s products and services on third party websites, and these all need to be collated by an SEO specialist. SEO is like a modernised version of public relations strategy, and now as the mass media is being increasingly superseded by Internet reviews, and social media comments, SEO specialists come to the forefront as the next generation of public relations specialists.

If there has been any negative impact on a company, and it hasn’t been taken care of, it could potentially wipe that company from existence. You can gain much more public trust by putting out quality content about your goods, products and services, and telling people about your company through SEO. Having SEO and positive information about your company helps to build trust in your industry overall.

9. The Best Contemporary Companies Invest in SEO

changes in seo

Make sure your business keeps up with the times and latest developments in SEO.

SEO pushes a lot of information forward to Google, and not just collates certain information about a business, but analyses how well a company has deliberated across all media channels in their public relations department.

If a company neglects their digital footprint, and fails to keep abreast of what is being said about them in the media, and in the public arena, it will reflect negatively in Google search rankings.

Consumers will regard you far better business operator if you have a higher ranking. Taking care of your SEO is taking care of your reputation, and establishes you as an industry giant, regardless of the size of your company. Reputations can be improved through targeted and well designed search engine optimisation.

10. Being Proactive About SEO is Imperative Regardless of Having a Website

There have been companies who do not see the point of having a website, or endeavouring to create a positive image online, and instead have decided to rely on a small base of customers.

These companies are not forward thinking in their growth, and have little potential to expand or remain sustainable. Customers are becoming increasingly educated, and eventually even traditional bases of customers will be demanding websites and social media engagement.

11. Companies Grow By Focusing On Improved SEO

business seo growth

SEO isn't just for large businesses, now even a small business can benefit from SEO assistance.

In the 1960s and following through to the 1980s, public relations as a discipline developed alongside marketing and communications in order to create positive images of corporations and brands.

The public responded to mass media campaigns, large scale recalls were done on some products that weren’t tested properly and caused harm to consumers. History gave a lot of lessons for managing company relations. Marketing departments had to push the positive, and the public relations department had to deal with negative fallout.

Historically only large corporations could afford public relations specialists, and would spend millions of dollars at times, pulling products off shelves, and having to advertise to consumers, and would take years to rebuild trust.

The Internet and the rise of social media has meant that if companies are unaware of their online presence and what consumers are saying about them means that ignorance can cause significant harm to a business or company.

More opportunities come to companies who rank highly on Google and other search engines and have far more content available for clients to look at. The higher up you are in the rankings, the more visible you become. When more users can actually see your website there is then an increase that they will click and look at your site, as well as maybe even becoming a customer.

12. Your Business Can Improve Through SEO Channels

Awareness of what consumers are saying about an enterprise’s trades, products and service offerings, and after sales service across the Internet and media will aid a company in improving their profit margins. The Internet has given companies the opportunity to be even more aware of their public reputation, by simply searching for themselves on Google.

All comments that have been made about a company in the media, and across blogs, social platforms, print and broadcast channels can show up across the Internet. A daily monitoring and analysis of all facets of public opinion can be examined and responded to appropriately.

monitor seo

It is important you monitor your SEO to ensure you have a better understanding on what is happening.

Public relations specialists, working as SEO specialists, have the opportunity to dynamically respond through multiple directed endeavours to push positive information to the public via a huge array of channels. If you are looking to hire an SEO firm to assist you, try to choose one that offers brand management and public relations as well.

You can examine what your customers are saying and take steps to improve where you need to and address any problems. Feedback is imperative in improving business and customer relations.


To summarise, it is imperative that you as a forward thinking business owner will endeavour to take advantage of the benefits of having an understanding of the need for SEO. Search engine optimisation will make your business thrive, and every business, regardless of status on the Internet.

So no matter the size of your business, make sure you get started with SEO today! With SEO on your side, you are on your way to a more successful and long term business. It is hoped that you now have a full understanding of why SEO is important to your business.

Let us know your thoughts about how SEO could work for you. We would love to hear from you, chat to us in the comments below!


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