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Company Websites Benefit from SEO

A lot of potential purchasers will often want to discover information about a company, and discover the reasons why they would want to purchase from one particular company over another.

Company information on a website that focuses on answering questions such as information about product features and benefits, specialist services, results gained from product or services purchased, privacy policy and refunds available are important to place on a website because they help provide purchasing direction for clients.

Off page SEO benefits companies because content information for customers can be placed in areas of the Internet where those customers source their information from, including forums and Facebook groups.

This leads to traffic going to a website, for example a potential buyer wanting to know what the features of a stroller for a baby are as opposed to a different brand can find that information on a parenting website, and this leads to a link to where he or she can purchase a pram from an e-commerce store.

Important Things to Be Aware of When Building Company Websites

seo marketing for e-commerceA lot of company owners, from small business owners upwards, allocate funds on a one-off basis in order to perform SEO optimisation on their websites.

This is fine for a certain period of time, but similarly to computer technology, Google algorithms and searches are always being refined, upgraded and improved.

It follows logically that it is imperative that SEO on a company website is constantly refined, evaluated and maintained in order to keep on pushing and promoting company ranking.

The best way to do this is to engage a digital marketing agency on at least a quarterly basis, in order to provide consistent and persistent services. By ensuring that it is part of the marketing budget, it forms a regular service, and will maintain and keep organic search rankings both relevant and rating high on Google.

Some companies believe that a one off expenditure leads to a set and forget situation, however it is a staged progression that leads to a satisfactory outcome for a company website.

Who is SEO Shark?

Based in Sydney with offices all over Australia, SEO Shark is an advertising and marketing agency. We focus on providing hype and promotional services for clients that are a departure from the norm and that bring remarkable results.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and hosting creative in-house talent that is pushed towards creating experiences for the client that encourage both shopper loyalty, persistent development of web dialogue and conversions on e-commerce websites, and inspirational marketing and brand campaigns distributed across digital advertising channels.

We offer quality digital marketing, entwining branding and content value for clients, turning entrepreneurs into industry leaders. We have access to a vast network of social media and Internet influencers, and can contact them for product placement strategies for clients.

As an industry leader in Australia and South East Asia, forms a concierge service for business and enterprise clients, offering full in house services in the realm of marketing and advertising.

The focus on the integration of tailored strategies for clients, including consulting, web development, strategy planning and monitoring of statistics in order to increase both web traffic and sales conversions. Desired outcomes for clients are significant increases in overall profitability, and a marked return on investment.

We are proud to be putting the needs of customers as number one priority, and listen intently to everything the customer is finding painful, and aim to turn it around to create a successful result. We are markedly different, with a foundation on total customer success.

What makes SEO Shark Different?

Why Choose Our SEO Services

SEO Shark is distinctively different to other digital marketing agencies. We have developed specialised packages for businesses with varying budgets. Solopreneurs, to large enterprises can benefit from our expertise, and trust knowing that we have a long history of customer satisfaction.

We comprehend that in order to create the best possible user experience for a businesses’ base of clients, that full and thorough understanding of customer base is essential.

Demographics, and psychographic are measured and calculated for each client, and a digital marketing campaign can be extrapolated from this information.

The driving force of expenditure is whereby customers are seeking solutions for various issues. Any type of sale made is to fulfill a need or desire.

To bring customers to the product that they require, SEO helps facilitate this process, and we pride ourselves in being able to hone in on what it is for each customer base that brings significant sales conversions.

We are honed in on the understanding that to create sales conversions, a team of designers, web developers and content specialists need to work together in order to create measurable results.

User experience designers examine a website, rank it and evaluate it, and then offer solutions to the rest of the team who will implement suggestions to improve the quality of a website. The overall result is a better user experience that equates to sales conversions.

We consistently work hard, as developing campaigns need to be deployed over a measure of weeks to months, in order to slowly increase and sustain rankings. A well designed campaign evolves, and with it there is a substantial increase in traffic.

Spikes in content release can be detected as spamming, and so therefore it is to be avoided, we are best positioned to push content and redesign of a site over time, and demonstrating these outcomes to their clients.

What is SEO?

SEO explanation

SEO is the art and science of applying a quality management process to a website, and this means that a website through its quality rating will be sent more traffic from Google search engine page results.

Clients who want to see an improvement in results for their website should consult with a digital marketing agency, which will engage with the client in a consultation process, and set goals for the business and the website.

Each enterprise is different, but the underlying foundation is to create a process whereby the business is becoming sustainable and has healthy cash flows as a return on their investment.

The best synergy comes from the ongoing consultation process with each client, and this results in better outcomes for a client. Search engine optimisation requires the partnership of the digital marketing consultant, and the client.

The client’s requirements focused on by the SEO specialist, and from there a campaign is created that actions out goals and deliverables while being constrained to budgets and timeframes.

Google has programmed their spiders that crawl the Internet to apply a quality rating to each individual page, and an overall rating to a website. It evaluates the quality of the content on the website, and categorises it according to keywords and relevant similar concepts.

If videos are embedded in a website, this is seen as far more user friendly, and also items such as sitemaps, privacy and legal statements, and secure socket layer certificates. Mobile responsiveness also increases the rating of a website.

Site loading time, image tagging, accessibility and overall design also contribute to quality flagging. There are a series of checks that the Google spiders do, and they assign a score to each particular part of a website in order to assess it against their criterion.

If a website ranks well in terms of quality, when an end user is looking for a particular service or product, the websites that relate the best to that search string will be matched as responses in the search engine results pages.

On Page SEO

On page SEO involves application of tools and process on each particular web page, on an overall website in order to improve its overall quality. Mobile websites are rated for load time. If a website is immediately responsive to mobile devices they are assigned to the mobile first indexing system on Google.

Different metrics that are required to be analysed are Google page rankings, views per page, the number of visitors being directed to a site, sales conversion rates, the value of certain keywords and user intent.

To apply SEO to individual pages, these metrics have to be taken into account, and baseline figures need to be recorded, so that after the application of a campaign to improve ranking, benchmarking of a website can occur.

Blogs have a lot of value in pushing up the content being viewed and assessed by end users and prospective purchasers.

Google spiders are now capable of assessing the quality of content, ensuring that repetitive, keyword stuffed articles with low readability are blacklisted and not served to end users. Sites that are not regularly updated are also downgraded in their ranking.

Websites that were created prior to the mobile index and are desktop only, are downgraded to the secondary index. The likelihood of these being presented to end users who are looking for particular content is inconsequential.

Businesses that have invested in a website have a fiscal responsibility to themselves to ensure that their content remains fresh and relevant.

A lot of businesses see the value in a Facebook page, as it is easily updated, but it fails to reflect in the content on their website, and business owners often fail to see the value in updating their websites, when this can bring so much more inherent value and ongoing income to their enterprises.

Blog and website page interlinking are also incredibly pertinent, and they increase the amount of time that the Google bots spend crawling through a website, which means that they will be assigned a higher quality rating on the search engine page results.

Every 24 – 48 hours, Google will send bots out across a website, and check for updates and changes. As fresh content is pushed on a standard intermittent basis, page ranking results are held fast.

Metadata in websites is markedly critical, and this sets up the relevant keywords that are analogous to a website, and for an end user this is part of where Google spiders analyse the content relevant to the metadata.

An end user who is searching for a particular object and will enter in a search string with buying intent, and this will affect the results returned on the search engine results page. When SEO is done smoothly, the shopper is quick to be able to find and purchase what they immediately require.

It is imperative that SEO is applied to a website, in order to make the best return on investment for a particular website to become a financially viable cash generating machine.

Keywords that are relevant to the particular content on a website will be stacked up against the titles and headers, and content found in the following pages.

Latent indexing (or similar content to what is being searched for) is also analysed by crawl bots, and long tail search strings are also of benefit to be placed in website content. Videos embedded into websites are a huge boost to SEO, as most of the traffic on the Internet is now directed to video channels.

SEO is about the creation of the best possible website experience for an end user, evaluated against industry standards for quality.

The better the user experience quality rating for certain keywords and topics, the higher the statistical probability that the search engine results page will display that website to an end user.

Benefits of SEO

SEO results in Google

The benefits of SEO are multifaceted. The outcome for a business who contracts an SEO agency to deploy a campaign are measurable sales outcomes and better customer retention rates.

SEO agencies who are serious about the work that they do will take existing metrics, set these as a baseline and then develop a plan to expand upon these. Customer engagement, brand loyalty and client retention are imperative in assisting a business to stay financially viable.

SEO is an affordable way to ensure a business remains sustainable and financially viable. It is often one of the best ways to spend marketing money, because it is about repeat exposure, and being able to do follow up sales.

Other mediums of advertising lack the ability to engage with customers on a personal level, as broadcast media and print media do not allow for the customer feedback cycle.

SEO and digital marketing promotes customer engagement and has a far greater uptake therefore in brand recognition and loyalty for startups and other small companies who lack the large scale budgets for print and broadcast media advertising.

Why It is Important to Use a Proper SEO Agency?

A lot of digital marketing agencies make false promises, and use proprietary black market software in order to drive traffic artificially to a website.

Google does not readily pick up on this traffic being fake as it is a series of bots that ping and return results to a website, but these could seriously damage a page’s rankings.

Bots generally do not spend a lot of time on a website, and then bounce off quickly, creating havoc with real Internet traffic. Overflow of host servers can end up creating website down time, and this also prevents real buyers from finding useful products and services.

For a business owner’s real benefit, and for that of his or her customers, it is imperative to use a proper SEO agency that only utilised white hat techniques.

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