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How to use Google + to aid your SEO efforts

Google Plus – One of social media tools?

Without mincing words, it is very clear to all and sundry that social media is where the crowd and numbers are. Just have a look at the most popular social media, namely Facebook. You will notice that no platform on earth has the number of online users it boasts of every minute. With this, you realize that social media is where the market lies.

Another social media is Google+. Google has organized its own platform in a more professional way. Why not take advantage of this valuable market to do great SEO? You will never lack clients. This new media site is growing in leaps and bounds due to its connection with Google.

Google SEOThere are feeders that most of the social media websites have blocked Google and denied their algorithms access to their data. Because of this, they now focus all social media indexing and ranking on their own social network, which is Google+. If you are wise, you must embrace the use Google+ to explore massive marketing through SEO and other methods.

The best way to do this is by inserting Google+ links into your blog posts. But this alone is not enough. Take time to write a summary of the post, give the reason why you are writing the post and put a call to action, inviting people in your friend list to view the content.

When you make a post in Google+, the first sentence is made to be a part of the title tag. With this, it will look and act like an article when it appears on the pages of search engine search results. Because of this invaluable opportunity, you must ensure that the keywords you use in the posts are the right ones.

Another method of using Google+ to push SEO is by writing regularly. It is always advisable to write as much as possible and to post as much you can. When you post regularly, you are prone to achieve higher results. Since consistency is a very golden rule here, it’s important to map out a detailed content posting strategy.

Another great method through which you can aid SEO through Google+ is by signing up with Google’s authorship. When you do this, you allow people to see you easily, and it increases your visibility. It is only when you are seen by more people that you can have more clicks. This is possible because Google has a practice of displaying the pictures of authors to make the search result richer. If you are good at what you do, this Google+ authorship will even make some people follow you. If you are a very serious authority in your niche and offer valuable information, many people will demand your friendship on Google+ and follow your activities online.

You can achieve this by optimizing your Google+ page, through the traditional SEO methods. These include the use of your company name, setting your custom page URL, and tracking all your results.

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