Best SEO Tips to Apply to Your E-Commerce Website

Search Engine Optimisation is a fairly difficult trade to master. This is because there is no one size fits all strategy. E-commerce website owners can sometimes find it more difficult to use the correct SEO strategies than normal simple websites because there are a lot different components that come into play.

Therefore, e-commerce website owners must carefully (and realistically) evaluate their website. Once this evaluation is completed then there should be a better, more customised SEO marketing strategy in place. This strategy should more effectively improve your rankings on search engines and therefore increase traffic onto your e-commerce store.

e-commerce SEO

5 SEO tips to apply to your e-commerce website:

duplicate sigh1. Avoid Duplicate Content

This is one of the biggest SEO no-no’s, although with e-commerce website it is hard to prevent duplicate content because there can potentially be a lot of common product descriptions and lists, etc.

However, because Google is not a human, it cannot understand that this is an e-commerce website, therefore, many of these types of website still get penalised.

This means you will just have to spend more time thinking about how to say essentially the same thing, but in a different way.

By ensuring this is done you will limit the chances of a penalty from search engines.

2. Secure Your Website

secure websites

This is extremely important for e-commerce websites because customers will be sharing private details (including bank information). Consumers need to know that their personal information will be kept safe and will be unattainable by hackers.

Not only this, but websites with an SSL certificate are looked upon more favourably by search engines than other non-secure websites.

3. Fast Experience

Consumers are now expecting webpages to download faster. As well as this, if a page is taking too long to load, they are very likely to click off the site and go somewhere else.

Research has shown that this is especially true for e-commerce website, where if a cart takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of consumers will not go through with the sale. Not only this, but Google uses speed as another determining factor for your ranking.

Therefore, you should always strive to offer your consumers with a quick and easy transaction process.

products alt tags4. Optimise Product Images

Image search is now becoming a more and more popular way for consumers to find the product they are looking for. The best way to optimise your product images is to add relevant keywords into the ALT tags of each individual image on your website.

That way when a consumer types in keywords into a search engine, your image is more likely to be shown in the results.

5. Product Reviews

You should always try to include product reviews on your e-commerce website because this is one of the best ways to create unique content.

Product reviews are also a good way to show consumers that you actually care about their opinion of your products.

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