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Google - first page

Many people wonder how to get their website to the first page of Google or how to be found on the internet? Effective advertising on the internet is becoming more difficult every day and not all of us are able to do successful internet advertisements or marketing campaigns.

The biggest search engine over the globe is Google. As a user, webmaster, programmer or a business owner, you either love Google or you hate it. Whatever you think, Google provides owners of businesses a lot of interesting and useful information in a simple and accessible way. Information that can make your business grow. Thanks to Google, your competitors might grow (or decrease) their market share. In Google search, you can find everything as it has in its resources almost all existing websites.

Nowadays, to be found online your domain should be in Google’s search results. Not only should your domain be in Google generally, but your website should also be found at least in the top positions in the search rankings (ideally in the top 10 or 20).

Below are some useful SEO tips presented by Maile Ohye from Google who provides advice for start-ups.

The benefits of using our SEO services include:
– Having high positions for keywords/phrases related to your business profile
– Increasing the number of viewers/customers to your website
– Being assured that your website is optimised and visible on the internet
– Growing your business over the internet and making your brand visible