4 Reasons why you should be running SEO and PPC simultaneously

Many businesses seem to use two completely different strategies when approaching SEO and PPC. However, this is certainly not the best tactic as SEO and PPC complement each other and they work very well together.

SEO and AdWords

While running an SEO and a PPC campaign simultaneously it creates a more successful overall strategy. Each campaign helps and boosts the other in a way that they wouldn’t be able to do alone. Running two campaigns simultaneously may take up more resources, but you are more likely to see better results for your business.

4 reasons as to why you should be running your SEO and PPC campaigns simultaneously

Keywords1. Ability to share all keyword data

By running the two campaigns at one time it gives you access to double the data to base your decisions off. By having more data to analyse your decisions and campaigns can become more accurate.

This means that all you have chosen the best keywords that best suit your business’s goals. PPC keyword research can be fairly difficult, therefore the more data to investigate, the greater the chance of a conversion.

2. Better visibility

This is one of the key benefits of running the two campaigns together. Obviously you want your business to be as visible as possible. Well the two campaigns almost double your visibility and you are able to successfully reach more people.

When only running an SEO strategy, your business is primarily focussing on the search engine results page (and that is the only place consumers can find you).

However, with PPC you are able to get greater exposure. PPC ads usually take up the first couple of slots on the search engine results page, so you again increase your visibility. If both your campaigns become successful, you can then dominate both the paid and organic spaces on search engine results.

campaign visibility

3. Recognising the best keywords

Before SEO or PPC, you might not have even thought about keywords. Naturally, your website is going to rank for many different types of keywords (some you might have known about, and others you had no idea).

Well, an SEO campaign helps you distinguish the best keywords for your business and this leads perfectly on to a PPC campaign where it will be targeting those important keywords.

4. Real-time results

SEO results certainly take time and it can be difficult to see whether the campaign has been successful or not. Small changes to an SEO strategy might even have no real impact on the overall campaign, therefore making it even harder to form a judgement of the success.

However, with PPC, you will be able to see almost real-time results. Little tweaks and changes to the campaign will see fast results and therefore you will have the ability to determine the success. If your PPC campaign is based off your SEO campaign, then you can judge future SEO results based off the PPC results.
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