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The Risk of Running a Business without a Facebook Profile

Millions of people are now on Facebook

It’s indeed a big risk to run a business without having a vibrant Facebook profile in today’s age! We live in a ubiquitous era! An age of “know-it-all”! Millions of people are now on Facebook and other social network platforms. The online world is fast becoming a smaller village! Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and others are getting people connected on a per second basis. You can’t think of running a vibrant business today without having profiles on most of the social media networks.

Facebook profileUsing Facebook as a point of reference, there’s a need to create a vibrant profile on the platform if you have a good business for the public. Your business will be at risk if you neglect to do so. Here are some reasons to back this up:

  • You stand the chance of not connecting to millions of people that might require the products or services you’re offering through your business if you don’t have a Facebook profile. This can be very appalling and disappointing.
  • Your business will be growing very slowly when you’re not on Facebook. You’ll end up folding up within some years.
  • Without a rich Facebook profile, you can’t think of generating enough traffic for your business. There’s no way the online community will know about the kind of products or services you’re offering.
  • You’ll be making little or no profit when you don’t have a good profile on Facebook. This is true since nobody on the network knows much about you and your business.
  • You’ll waste time and energy trying to reach potential customers without having a working Facebook profile page. You may crack your brain in the process. The overwhelming crowd on the social network site will never know about you and your business when you’re not on the platform.
  • Without a vibrant Facebook profile page, you can’t promote or advertise your business to a wider audience. You’ll only end up becoming a local champion within your immediate physical environment.
  • You’ll miss out from connecting to friends when you’re not on Facebook. There’s no way you can let them know about your new business when you can’t connect with them on the network.
  • You’ll also suffer the risk of becoming old-fashioned when you don’t have a Facebook profile in this age. Most people on the network may never have the opportunity to know more about you and your business.
  • You’ll have a difficult time trying to optimize your website through an efficient SEO process when you’re not on Facebook. The entire process will be very slow since you can’t get in touch with the ever increasing online community.

In all, there’s a lot to gain when you take out time to create a nice Facebook profile page. You can improve your business visibility and also reach a wider audience that will end up patronizing your business in the long run.



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