How to get awesome online reviews for your business

If you own a business you will understand the importance of reviews. The internet has ensured that reviews remain powerful and important for all businesses because consumers are now able to easily read and write their own reviews.

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From Yelp to Trustpilot, there are now countless places where your customers can write reviews. Google reviews are also incredibly important as research suggests that a large number of consumers are greatly influenced by both positive and negative reviews. Therefore, if your Google reviews consist of positive feedback, a potential consumer is more likely to choose your business.

Saying that online reviews are important is one thing, but actually knowing how to get awesome online reviews for your business is another.

Listed below are the 5 ways to get awesome online reviews for your business

1. Make the customer the centre of attention

The majority of consumers would love to be the centre of attention. So make sure you give those consumers who have taken the time to write a review the attention they want and deserve. You could ask them if they are happy to have their review featured on your website.

Or you could even produce a short video featuring all the consumers who have left positive feedback. Ensuring that you put a face to a name is very important because then other potential customers will be able to see the personal side behind your business.

reviews2. Set up profiles on different review websites

There are numerous different review websites on the internet now and every consumer has their preference as to which one is their favourite. Consumers are more likely to leave a review if you have an account on more review websites.

Popular review websites include Shopper Approved (which can help you with displaying some stars rating on Google. With our affiliate link, you can get 50% discount for Shopper Approved plans, check it out here.

The other websites are: Yep, Google Local, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot and TrustLink. Even if you feel as though your business is not in a review driven industry, it is still important to create profiles for at least Trustpilot because these reviews are also shown on Google.

3. Ensure it is easy to review your business

Most consumers will not go out of their way to leave a review (unless they had a particularly positive or negative experience); therefore you must ensure it is easy for them. If the process is easy and they are reminded on your website to leave a review, then the thought is in their mind and they could potentially leave a review (and they might not have even been thinking about it before!).

4. Incentive for leaving review

Consumers still may not want to leave a review, however it is possible that an incentive would change their mind. For example, you could offer some money off their next purchase if they leave a review about the experience they had with your business.

You can see powerful food chain company’s investing in incentives for reviews, i.e. McDonalds and KFC offer free small chips when an online review is made about a consumer’s experience.



5. Just ask

If you don’t ask you will never receive, it is as simple as it sounds! Consumers might not actually be aware that you are looking for reviews and therefore if you ask, they might be willing to leave a review.

However, it is important not to wait too long to ask for a review, consumers are more inclined to give your business feedback straight away.

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