Rebranding Social Media Accounts for SEO

It’s not enough to have social media accounts on various platforms. There’s still the need to rebrand the accounts for better SEO. Rebranding is all about proper optimization, it’s important to optimise the social media accounts in order to make SEO efforts faster and more feasible. Here are some points to consider when rebranding:

  • The name matters a lot

rembranding socia mediaThe name used on social media accounts speaks loudly. Having a single brand name for every account seems to be the best, there’s no need to use generic nomenclatures. It’s also very important to use a short, simple, and catchy name. It’s equally necessary to use the same name across all social media platforms.

  • Creation of a custom fan page

It’s good to create an enterprising fan page on social media networks. This can easily be done on Facebook and Google+. The page should contain the brand name and other vital pieces of information that relate to the particular site and business involved. It’s important to invite or add friends to join the fan page. It’s also necessary to keep fans updated with the latest developments.

  • Proper keyword usage

Keywords are very important in you social media strategy, especially optimizing social media accounts. It’s important to use the main keywords at strategic points; they can be used on the profile page as well as the fan page. Other secondary keywords can easily be added. Care must be taken to avoid keyword stuffing.

  • Inclusion of address and phone number

It’s necessary to add a phone number and address on social media accounts. Such pieces of information can lead to a mass influx of customers to one’s business. They can also attract traffic through the social media platforms. Toll-free phone numbers are highly recommended.

  • Back-linking is vital

Regular back-linking to a fan page is very important on social media accounts, and can be carried out on existing channels. The more inbound links generated to the fan page, the higher the authority of the page. It’s also possible to attain higher ranking in search engines where many back-links or inbound links are generated on a regular basis.

  • Regular status updates on your fan page

There’s a need to update fan pages regularly on social media accounts. This is one way of having the accounts optimized. Fans are always eager to see something new on the page, they want to like and comment. They also desire to share valuable information with their friends.

  • Optimise with quality images and videos

Images and videos speak louder than ordinary text. While it’s good to post regular text on the fan page, it’s also important to use images and videos when necessary. A single video can go viral on the Internet through social media. It can be shared thousands of times.

Indeed, there’s a lot to do when optimizing social media platforms for SEO. Proper care should be taken to make sure great results are achieved at the end.