4 Prodigious Techniques To Attract High-Quality Backlinks To Your Website… And Avoid Search Engine Penalties

Google’s Panda and Penguin updates are designed to penalise websites with poor SEO practices, including unnatural link acquisitions. Unnatural links not placed editorially or vouched for by a website owner are regarded as suspicious because they aim to manipulate PageRank and violate Google’s guidelines.

google algorithm - penguin and panda

If you’ve followed unnatural link practices in the past, don’t be surprised to wake up one day and find that your website has fallen in SEO ranking. Circumvent penalties from search engines by following these prodigious techniques to attract tier one, high-quality backlinks to your website.

Rectify Your Website’s Technical Errors Before They Kill Your Business

website errorsTechnical errors severely impact user experience, potentially directing customers to competitor websites. When user experience is poor, you can expect search engines like Google to penalise and limit your traffic growth.

Technical errors will prevent backlinks from opening, which in turn will limit the number of high-quality ones directed to you. Even a small glitch has the potential to kill your business, so make sure you rectify these technical errors immediately to avoid Google penalties:

  • Poor site loading speed
  • Duplicate content or META data trouble
  • Inability to cater to mobile users
  • 404 errors or 302 redirects
  • No-follow or No-index directives used incorrectly

Build Website Value Through Highly Engaging Content

writing the content

Too many website owners neglect the power of good quality content. But the fact remains that engaging content should be at the core of your SEO marketing practices.

Content strategies encompassing high value and engagement will make or break your SEO efforts –– no matter how many backlinks you’re able to acquire or how well you optimise your website.

Engaging content encourages high-quality external websites to link back to you because of the superior value your website provides over peers. When you deliver great content and earn high-quality backlinks, you can be rest assured that Google won’t penalise you.

Stay True To Your Theme With Relevant Backlinks

google penaltyAny link acquisition strategy must be relevant to your site theme if you want to avoid search engine penalties.

For instance, imagine if you run a home improvement store, but have over 100 backlinks coming to you from a shoe website.

Google will view these links as irrelevant and will penalise you. Relevancy is based on the linking domain content theme and the type of backlinks hitting it.

Befriend Authoritative Websites By Analysing Links

Keep in mind that linking to authoritative sites will always hold you in good stead with Google, especially if you are trying to optimise for higher rankings.

Since Google doesn’t PageRank anymore, you will need to rely on external metrics to analyse ranking of high authority sites before befriending them. Linking to these authoritative sites will help you avoid penalties. Some good tools for link analysis are Ahrefs, Open Site Explorer and Majestic.

These prodigious techniques are designed to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to attracting high-quality backlinks and avoiding penalties.

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