What is Pay Per Click – Google AdWords Campaign?

Google Adwords is a form of text that displays on search engine results with links to your website. Google and thousands of its partners’ sites display the ads. In Google, the ads are located in the right of the search results page, or directly above the search results.
Unlike traditional SEO services, by using Google AdWords your website can appear in search results for specific keywords/phrases in the short term.

How much does PPC cost?

This method is called Pay Per Click as the costs for this campaign only depend on the number of clicks on your website. It does not matter whether people saw your ad displayed in the browser a few times. You will pay only for clicks made to your website.

Ads are only displayed to users who are looking for specific information. For example (as in the picture above), if someone is looking for cheap flights to Bali, the browser will display relevant ads offering flights to Bali.

Monthly Fee

There are two components to the monthly fee for the Google Adwords service. Firstly, there is the fixed monthly fee charged by SEO Shark (the fee depends on your budget – see above). The second is a fee charged by Google – advertising budget (this amount depends on the numbers of clicks made on the link to your website).

The ad position in the browser depends on your budget and the rate per click. It works in such a way that owners of the ads do bids for a specific keywords or phrase, and the winner of the auction gets the best (highest) position in the search engine.