How to Use Pinterest to Boost your Traffic and Sales

When you think of the big social media websites, you probably think of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To most people Pinterest doesn’t come to mind first. However, Pinterest is gaining popularity very fast and it is becoming a very powerful tool to assist in boosting your traffic and sales.

There are a few specific methods you should follow to ensure you are getting the most out of Pinterest.


Top 5 ways you are able to use Pinterest to boost your traffic and sales.

1. Share any relevant viral content

It can be very difficult to create your own piece of viral content; however that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit of other people’s success!

Sharing viral content that is applicable to your business is a good way to boost traffic to your website and sales because it shows your followers that you are relevant and taking the time to ensure your business is up-to-date (and “in the loop”).

pinterst share posts

2. Work with other leaders in your industry

You should establish who the top Pinterest sharers are in your business industry. It is easy to find these users because you are able to rank pins based on industry. Users generally trust the opinions of leaders in the industry, which is why it is important to get them on board with you and your business.

3. Use the power of SEO

SEO is an important factor to help boost your website’s traffic. Pinterest has embraced the power of SEO by using a system called Guided Search. This system assists users in searching for countless different pins on topics that they didn’t even previously know about.

In order for you to take full advantage, you must create content that your target audience may be interested in. You should also connect your website and other social media profiles with your Pinterest account.

4. Follow the best people for your business

This will ensure that your news feed isn’t filled with unrelated information. Relevant content on your newsfeed provides you with inspiration and ideas that you can use for your own profile.

Pinterest follow businesses

You are also able to easily share other user’s posts that are applicable to your own business. However, it is important to remember not to follow a lot of people as once because Pinterest might deactivate your account as the site may think it is spam.

5. Create a contest

A contest or giveaway is a good way of getting users to your account and website. The prize must be relevant to your business. These days, just giving away a generic prize like an iPad is not good enough. Think about what your target audience is interested in and select a prize which somehow relates to that.

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