7 Top Organisational Tools for Small Businesses

When you are the owner of a small business there are countless things to keep track off. It can quickly become very overwhelming and confusing. In order for your business to function, you have to be organised and on top of everything. That is easier said than done.

However, there are now a lot of tools out there that are able to assist you in keeping your business both organised and profitable.

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The top 7 organisational tools that every small business should use.

1. LastPass

Being the owner of a small business may mean that you have lots of different types of accounts (with countless different usernames and passwords). These days password requirement are also becoming more difficult, i.e., now you need to have a number, capital letter, etc.

When using LastPass, this is no longer an issue. Using this tool, you save your contact information, passwords, etc. and you won’t have to waste any more time trying to remember your password.

You can use it on any web browser (and also your smartphone). It is free to set up a basic account.

2. Wix

Wix certainly has a lot to offer! It is a great source for blog and website creation. It is very easy to create beautifully designed websites using Wix. Also, if you want to change your website design at a later date, Wix is able to help again.

The website templates on offer by Wix are varied and able to meet the needs of most small businesses. Wix is a free tool to use, which makes it even better!

3.  Google Analytics


This is all about numbers, and to some people it can be boring and very dry. However, this is one of the most important tools to use, especially for new businesses. Google Analytics helps you track your websites traffic and it is very easy to use (you don’t have to be a maths wiz to understand the statistics and graphs displayed).

The charts and graphs are very simple and you should be able to confidently understand and interpret the information.

4. Insightly CRM

This tool is particularly helpful in keeping track of all your customer’s details. This includes important information such as what they bought from your business and their main forms of communication.

Once you hold all this information you are able to more effectively market your other products to these customers because you know what they are interested in. Not only does Insightly CRM help you build a better relationship with you customers, but there are other functions including reports and file sharing.

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This tool is free to use, if you are looking for a basic account, otherwise prices start from $12 a month.

5. Skype

video skypeSkype is a very popular tool used both professionally and personally. This tool helps you connect with customers or clients that are located too far away to have a personal meeting.

The video capacity of Skype has dramatically improved over the past few years and you are now able to have large group video chats. Not only is there a video capacity, there is also a phone service.

This ensures your actual phone bill remains low, especially if you have overseas clients.

6. Scanbot

Scanning important documents is always of top priority to ensure that you always have extra copies. However, sometimes scanning can be a hassle and you may not have the opportunity to scan your document.

This is where Scanbot comes in! It is an app (and it’s free!) you can download on to your smartphone which acts as a scanner. It has the ability to scan and save any document (PDF or jpg format) as well as the ability to scan QR codes.

sliders7. Slideshare

This tool has over 50 million users monthly and lets users share slideshows and presentations digitally all around the world.

It is a very easy tool to use and you can upload any presentation slides, videos or music to share with the rest of the world. Slideshare can be used for professional or personal use and acts primarily as a share tool to help spread your word.


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