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Do you check the guidelines that have been laid down by Google when you try to optimise your website? Do make use of any of the free tools that are provided by Google?

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There is one thing that Google takes very seriously. That is to supply helpful and also relevant content to the users who are making use of the platform to look for different things. Thus, several tools have been created so that they are able to help you with it. When you are creating a website you need to keep in mind that the main source of traffic for a website is supposed to be the search engine. In order to make a website SEO friendly, all the pages that it has, needs to be optimised following the guidelines of the search engine webmaster. The site is optimised not only for the search engine but also for the viewers. Some of the free tools Google provides have been given below.

  • Google Trend is the tool that aids you to research the keywords. It does this by comparing the trends that are using the help of the search terms, regional trend, forecast, all its trending searches and many such things.
  • Ad Words is the tool that acts as a keyword planner and provides you with various ideas for the keyword. It performs a task and then forecasts the result so that you are able to select a relevant keyword.
  • Robots.txt is known as a texting tool that helps to test files like robots.txt.
  • W2c is the validating tool. This is there to keep a check on the extended validity of all the documents that are given in the web in HTML, XHTML, etc.
  • seo toolsCSS or Cascading Style Sheet is used to keep a check on the CSS and the XHTML documents.
  • Another tool called the Structured Data Testing Tool is used to check if Google will be able to determine the structured data in a proper way. This then displays it in the search result in an appropriate way.
  • The tool known as the Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool that checks on a website to see if it is mobile-friendly or not. With the increase in the use of mobile phones it is excessively important to make a particular website mobile friendly. This is an aspect that is determined by this free tool.
  • There is Page Speed Tool that can be used to check on the speed of each and every page of the website. It ensures whether the loading page is fast or not. When a web page take more time to load then it is more likely to lose its viewers.
  • Google Search Engine Console is another free tool that aids you to keep a check on the site and thereby helps in maintaining the presence of the site in the Google search engine.
  • Google Analytics is another tool that helps in analysing all the potential visitors of the website and thereafter determines the amount of traffic that the website will be able to attract.

These are the tools that help in optimising the website that you have created and help generate more SEO traffic to it.

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