Use The Right Online Directories

Don’t let your content go to waste. Use the right online directories

Here are some things you should consider when looking for the right directories to submit your website or content to for SEO purposes. You want to choose an online directory that has existed for several years and that is viewed regularly by internet users. You should also seek an online directory that is free of Javascript or annoying redirect pages, and you want to avoid directories that would lead you to problematic websites that could be illegal or cause viruses. Submitting your content to online directories has several benefits, which include the ability to have a one-way link, the freedom to choose any anchor text you want, and the cost-effectiveness of the online directories, since they are free.

Look For Targeted Online Directories

Instead of submitting your content to every kind of online directory, you should narrow it down to a few select directories in the niche your website specializes in. For example, there are some online directories that focus heavily on educational websites, while other online directories are designed to accept personal finance websites. When you submit the websites, also make sure that you place them in the right categories.

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No Keyword Stuffing

You also do not want to stuff the title and description with repetitive keywords, because this may cause your website to be rejected by the directories. It is best to use keywords naturally throughout the title and keyword descriptions for better results. Also, remember to use mostly keywords that are highly searched but that also pertain to your website’s mission.

Create Catchy Content

Before you submit to online directories, it is important that you create catchy content that is distinct from other articles on the internet and that would help your readers. You want to create plenty of how-to articles, since they’re effective in attracting more people to your website, and this may get you higher search engine rankings along with favour from online directories. Articles that contain little-known facts are also great for readers.

Which Article Directories Are The Best?

Some good article directories include Ezinearticles, Articlesbase, Goarticles and ArticleAlley, and before you submit the articles to these directories, you should look over their guidelines carefully, and proofread your articles before you send them. Other good online directories to choose include Google Directory, Yahoo Directory, and the Open Directory Project.

The internet has become a worldwide marketing machine, and with submission of your websites and articles to online directories, you’re using SEO to your advantage in order to promote yourself. You want to research your keywords and look for creative topics to write about. If necessary, hire an SEO consultant or freelance writer to help you with composing and submitting articles to the online directories. Make sure you follow basic SEO rules and monitor your progress along the way. This is an inexpensive way to promote yourself, and within months you’ll see higher traffic to your website.

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