What Are The Best Types of Online Advertising

Types of Online Advertising

Good SEO techniques are not just about content management and website structure; they are also about understanding the types of online advertising and incorporating some of them on your website. Here are a few ideas for using online advertising as part of your SEO strategy.

online adsLocal Online Advertising

This is necessary if you’re going to drive more local internet users to your local business website. Take advantage of posting your local website’s information on local online directories and websites that feature local businesses in various cities, such as Yahoo Local and Yelp. Another idea is to write guest blogs or leave comments on local websites that pertain to what your business is about, and leave a link to your website.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most inexpensive way for businesses to advertise, and you can also utilize traditional SEO methods with this advertising such as web content, online videos and photos. Set up a business webpage with Facebook or Twitter and start posting fresh content every few days so that your viewers will see the webpage as relevant. You can also post discounts and giveaways on your social media page.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click  – PPC advertising is when you pay to have your company’s ads displayed on certain websites, and each time a user clicks on your ads and makes purchases, you earn revenue. This type of online advertising works better for more established companies and for those who are able to put in the necessary effort to be successful with the pay-per-click advertising.

Online Advertising Techniques You Want To Avoid

If you want to incorporate the best online advertising into your overall SEO strategy, there are a few things you want to avoid because users do not like them. There are the flash video or display ads that block the main website for a few minutes, and many users hate them. Popups are also annoying, and if you include too many on the website, it turns users away. Video ads may also annoy some users.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a kind of advertising where the ads are based on a person’s keyword searches. Much of the contextual advertising is text based, although you will see display ads from time to time. The good thing about contextual advertising is that it is directly related to the topic on the website, which could mean more exposure and revenue for your website.

Online advertising is essential to building good SEO for your website, and you’ll need to figure out which of these methods would work the best for you. You should also think about your budget and target audience when deciding on a certain type of online advertising. Once you choose the right advertising technique, you should manage your progress by incorporating web analytics to see if the technique works. Change your ads occasionally to keep them relevant, and include relevant keywords in the ads.

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