Awesome On-Page Techniques for Your Website

Do you want to drive more traffic and make your post keyword targeted? Do you want to make it easier for the search engines to gauge what is the keyword that your blog should rank for? Here are some secrets by which you will be able to make your post keyword targeted.

When you talk about optimising your blog post or your website then there are two things that you need to consider. These two factors are off-page optimisation and on-page optimisation. Given below are some on-page SEO techniques that you need to incorporate to get a better ranking.

Blog Post Title

The title is the most important factor that plays a very big role in determining whether the blog post will do well in the search engine or not. It is very essential to make sure that the targeted phrase and keywords are being used at the beginning of the Title tag. Keep in mind that in order to get better ranking you should not repeat the same keywords in the title tag. The limit of the character within the title should be around 65 with spaces.

Permanent Link Structure

After this comes the optimised URL structure. You need to ensure that you use targeted keywords at the starting point of the blog post. It is also very important to avoid special characters in it such as brackets, commas, symbols, etc as the part of the URL. You should use alphabets and numeric from 0 to 9 and use dashes instead of underscore to discriminate two strings in the URL structure. Ensure that you are following a permanent link rather than random strings in the permalink.

techniquesHeading Tag

You need to use heading tags like H2, H3, and also H4 in order to highlight several headings, sub-heading along with some important information. The H2 and H3 tags need not be repeated several times just because it is considered to be negative by the SEO.

Keyword Density

The keyword density should be up to 1.5% along with all the LSI keywords. The main keywords need to be used once in the first paragraph and once in the last paragraph. It should also be used in a regular manner in the content of the blog post.

Meta Tags

You have to add relevant and unique meta description and meta keywords with each of the blog post. Targeted keywords need to be used on the meta keyword section and meta description. The meta description should be created in such a way that it acts as the summary of the website. The meta description must not be more than 160 characters which includes the spaces. You also need to write proper meta tags for better CTR.

Adding Images

Image optimisation helps a lot to drive traffic from the search engine. When you add more than one image you should use targeted keyword as the part of the image alt text, image name, etc. when your blog has images it makes it look more impressive and attractive but make sure that you use smaller images.