Old Google AdWords UI will be replaced by end of 2018

On Monday, Google announced that their aging AdWords user interface (UI) will be totally scrapped by the end of 2018. In 2017, Google launched the new interface which it called the ‘New AdWords Experience’ to all digital marketers and began updating it with new features with users being able to freely switch back to the old interface.

Old Google AdWords UI will be replaced by end of 2018

Google will completely scrap the old AdWords UI by the end of the year. Photo: PhotoMIX-Company, Pixabay

Not all reports and features will be translated from the old UI to the new one. However, Google Analytics and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads are two new columns that are available as well as a Keyword Planner update that makes use of Google’s Material Design UI language.

Initially the new UI was met with a negative reception by some long-haul AdWords marketers. However, in a blog post Google’s VP of product management, Jerry Dischler, said that they had taken note of the feedback and used it to make alterations, including being able to “find features faster” using “more intuitive icons”.

He also went on to say that users will be able to “hide and unhide unused items” as well as view more of their performance metrics by “expanding the statistics table”.

Automated rules, filters and reports that are useable in the new version of AdWords will be automatically transferred from the old version. In his statement, Mr Dischler also disclaims that accounts won’t be switched to the new UI in November or December respectively, leading us to assume that the majority of transfers will happen by the end of October.

Google has said they will send out emails notifying people of the switch before it happens. AdWords users can only hope that Google has taken their feedback to heart and made the usability of the new interface measurably improved over the old one.