Online Communities and Niche Sites

Things a Marketer Should Know About Online Communities and Niche Sites

nicheNiche sites and online communities are the most sought after these days, which gives a marketer the perfect platform to engage and create customers. These are different from the general sites one comes across. Niche sites and communities are a place where people of common interest on a specific subject form a group. Connecting to a targeted audience makes the job of a marketer much easier, as it gives an opportunity to convert the audience into leads.

With everything said and done, marketers and small business need to understand a few things about niche sites and online communities before they foray into the field. Let us look at a few things which a marketer should be aware of to connect better with influencers and customers:

Rules of the Communities

Every community has its set of rules which its members have to abide by. It is essential for one to clearly understand the rules and the limitations this presents to a marketer. You need to ensure that your marketing strategy does not strain the community rules. Going against the rules set forth by the community and the influencers will get you kicked out and will tarnish your reputation, affecting your future prospects.

Know the Members of the Community

A community is a group of like-minded members, so it can only be as good as its members. It is a prerequisite for a marketer to look into the details of the community, like how active and engaged its audience is, etc. As a community holds an audience whose interest lies on a specific subject, it is essential for one to hold a similar interest to share and talk about.

Targeted Audience

The internet has become highly targeted. People use the internet to get their day-to-day requirements done. As a marketer, it is much better to have a small, targeted audience to engage with rather than a large group of disinterested and non-engaged people. It is well understood that communities present a targeted audience, and with the internet set to have a highly targeted future, these communities have a significant role to play. It is time small business and marketers start thinking of creating their own communities and networks to engage with.

Use Large Networks

As a community is a highly targeted group, any given community differs from another one. Because of this, the content that is posted needs to be tailored to suit a specific community that one is present on. One should use large networks to reach out to the maximum number of people. A large network can be used as a cross platform to promote your engagement on smaller online communities and niche sites.

Perceive Blogs as Communities

Blogs are not perceived as communities, which is a drawback for any marketing strategy. A blog is a platform which holds a highly targeted and actively engaged audience. These also have members with active participation. All these traits make a blog similar to an online community. For small business, a blog is the best platform to get connected to its targeted audience.

Leverage niche sites for the success of your marketing strategy

Niche sites and online communities are the emerging trends which, if leveraged properly, can be a game changer for any marketing strategy. The success of Obama’s presidential campaign is owed to a community program called neighbour to neighbour, where supporters were encouraged to reach out to people who were more likely to respond positively. This should be taken as a pointer, and small businesses have to start connecting to the niche sites and online communities.


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