The Best Ways to Get More Followers on Google+

Even though Google+ is placed in the same sort of category as the almighty and powerful Facebook and Twitter, it is still important to have a Google+ account and always be actively maintaining it. Also, if you are looking for credible tactics to improve your SEO, then showing and growing your influence on Google+ is more important than ever.

Having a large number of followers is important because it ensures your message is getting across to more people. There is also more chances of your followers clicking through to your website and purchasing your products or services on offer.

Follow me on Google

Here are the top 4 ways to get more followers on Google+:

BlogUse Google+ as a mini-blog

Writing blogs with valuable content is an excellent way to increase your readers, so why not treat Google+ as an outlet to write interesting mini-blogs? It is important to not just simply comment on other people’s posts, but also write your own!

Your own interesting content is likely to attract more users and more shares (which in turn will attract more users and shares – and so the cycle continues).

You should update your Google+ on a regular basis, this means that your follows know what time you will be uploading and they will tune in to read what you have to say.

Create a personal profile as well

Setting up two Google+ profiles does create extra work, however, you can use your personal profile to act as reinforcement for your business’s profile. You can share your business’s posts on your personal profile and there you may be able to reach a great number of different people. If these people like what your business is posting about, then they are likely to go over to your business’s profile and see the other posts and potentially even follow your business.

hashtagsMake use of hashtags

On Google+ people usually search for what they are looking for by using words, key phrases or hastags. It works in similar way like search engines. Well done search engine opmitisation for any websites, will benefit in both (natural searches and social media (if you share the content)).

Research has shown that many users are overlooking the hashtag element of searches.

Even including one or two simple yet relevant hashtags, you are potentially widening the amount of people who can find your post. When other users find your post (and they find it interesting) they are more likely to follow you to ensure that they can see more of the same types of posts you are making.

Hashtags are also an easy way to track conversations and trends.

Establish meaningful connections with other users

business people

This means always actively engaging with other businesses and users. By engaging with different users, you are spreading your word and therefore making it easier for people to find you not only through search engine optimisaton (SEO) but also via the social media network.

Messaging and talking to other businesses will also provide you with new connections and you are able to use these connections to build further relationships. It is important to build connections with your customers as well, if you are aware of them using Google+ to communicate with your business.

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