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Why a Mobile Strategy is Important?

Finding Your Customers

With the rampant use of smartphones, laptops, and tablets by people of all ages for both business and personal reasons, developing a mobile marketing strategy is important for businesses of all types. While most mobile devices can access regular websites, that eats up a lot of space on these devices, and information can be lost in transitioning your website to the smaller screen. It can benefit your business to invest in a strategy that involves making a site specifically for use on tablets, PDAs, and smartphones.
In surveys, findings show that nearly 50% of all Facebook users access their accounts from smartphones or other mobile devices and, with that much usage of mobile media, businesses can lose sales opportunities by not having a presence on the mobile web. With applications like Google Maps, businesses can be located on these smaller platforms using a GPS-like locator service without the need to have GPS on the device. Google Maps can pinpoint your business for the user and give them directions to your location, as well as contact information like your company’s phone number.

mobile strategy best for businessesPeople no longer use the Yellow Pages to look up business addresses and phone numbers; they rely on the internet. To access the internet, more people are using their smartphones or tablets, because they are a convenient way to locate businesses in their local area that have the products or services they want or need when they are away from home or work.
Even if they just want to order a pizza or locate a bakery, more people are pulling up the information on their mobile devices and placing their orders as they head towards the business.

Instant Access to Information

Along with internet searches, users of mobile devices are taking pictures and sending their opinions of a business’s customer service, product selection or services online to their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds. Social media sites need to be included as a part of your mobile marketing strategy. You should tailor the web links you tweet or post online so that users of mobile devices will be able to open them on their smartphones or tablets.

If mobile users cannot access the information you are sending out, then much of your potential customer base will not know about your promotions, products or the new services that your business may be offering. As they become more technologically advanced, the use of mobile devices for internet activity will only increase, as they are a convenient way to find information quickly.

Failing to develop your website for mobile devices will cost you customers and will only benefit your competitors. As the use of mobile devices increases, your business can be left behind if it doesn’t adapt and make your information accessible by these devices. Being left behind can be very costly for your business and allow your competitors to take advantage of your technological apathy. Find the customers you were unable to connect with and increase your profits.

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