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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Get higher in Google with mobile friendly website!

mobile friendly websiteIt’s 2015 and people are using their mobile devices more and more frequently. People tend to access the Internet on tablets and smart phones more so than they do on traditional computers. This change in access has created a need for search engines like Google to update their ranking criteria, so a website’s ranking on Google’s search engine can be higher or lower depending upon its mobile friendliness. You can test your website this factor yourself on the Google Developer tools website. However, ensuring that your website is mobile friendly is not only good SEO, but it is also good for business.

Mobile Friendly Design Makes Customers Happy
While being mobile friendly is good for your rankings, it is also good that your customers are happy with your site. People tend to spend more time on the Internet while on their phone or tablet. Often this is much more time than they spend looking at websites on their personal computer or laptop. And with today’s laptops doing double duty as both laptop and tablet, what better way to keep your website focused on the future than by making sure it is easy to access on both a touch screen device and a smaller screen.

Mobile Friendly Design Increases Your Web Presence

Another reason why you want to be mobile friendly is it is important in your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. From 21/4/2015 Google promotes all websites that are mobile friendly (here is Google’s post).

Making progress in keeping your website not only relevant but also accessible to people using smart devices, like mobile phones and tablets, allows you to rank higher on search engines than you would if you had not designed your website with these smaller screens in mind. This also gives your website an edge above other websites that are not mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Design Gives You Labels
While people don’t like to be labelled, people want their websites with all manner of accolades and labels to ensure that they are going to a quality website. While it is usually obvious if a website is quality based on the content that it has and how well written the content is, sometimes it is not so obvious. That is why having an additional metric to tell your potential users if your website is mobile accessible will help them be happier with making a decision to patronize your website.

Overall, mobile friendly design is the wave of the future, and it needs to be incorporated into your overall Internet presence marketing strategy. If people can’t access your site or are frustrated trying to get information off of your site when using their favourite iDevice or smart phone, the same people will not return to your website in the future. This is why you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly in its design. Mobile friendliness will make sure that your search engine optimisation is not only effective, but is also seen by the people that you have optimised your website for. If it isn’t seen, it doesn’t matter, and you want to make sure that it matters.