Get Your Mobile App Marketing SEO Optimised or Lose the Game

Is your website mobile optimised?

Well if the answer is ‘not yet’, then you must be also ready to face a huge loss. That’s the pin-prick ‘ouch’ for websites with no mobile optimisation plan, which strictly speaking, is strange now that everyone (be it your customers or your rivals) is mobile.

Mobile phone and SEOMobile marketing is more important right now than ever before. People are now more engaged to their smartphones and tablets than any other device. If you are not convinced yet, then here are some mind-blowing stats that you need to look into right now –

  • People look into their smartphone screens more than ever now
  • If you go by the statistics, people are said to spend an average of 195 minutes per day on their smartphones
  • 70% of the online actions get generated from mobile devices
  • People continue shopping from their mobile devices even when they are present in a physical store

That’s the hard-hitting truth about mobile marketing. These calls for a mobile app optimised marketing strategy first, but make sure it is SEO optimised too.

Make Your Mobile App Marketing SEO Optimised

  • Use minimum elements on your splash screen display

Splash pages are like the introduction page of an app. When a person installs an app, the splash screen will appear while the installation process gets complete. They are great tools of promotion and can play a primary factor in drawing the user engagement further. Make sure you keep the elements on your splash to the minimum point to ensure that users can enjoy a smooth experience right from the start. Your mobile app splash screen must have a logo accompanied with a great caption.

  • market planMake your brand name prominent on the app

The app name should double up as link anchor text that appears within the App Store. It is therefore important that your brand name serves as a relevant link that these sites can use to connect to your app profile page. Make sure that the brand name gets featured in the download page URL.

  • Insert QR Links Onsite and Offsite

QR codes give users easy access to business apps. It is a medium that can trigger the right Call-to-Action from the user when presented on the right target audience device. Make sure that you integrate them on your websites, landing pages, email newsletters and also on your social media campaigns to promote and generate rapid responses from users.

  • Cross Promote Your app

Users engage with different devices in different ways. This makes it impossible to track down when and how audiences are behaving with their devices. Cross promotion can help you solve this problem. A user visiting your website from a laptop can use his or her mobile device to get a discount offer by scanning down the app that you have displayed on the website’s banner.

Apart from delivering wider-scale promotion, mobile app marketing can help to leverage a website’s ranking on search results. Have you considered mobile app marketing in your SEO and social media strategies lately?