10 Things You Need To Know About Google Adwords

Google Adwords is part of the Google advertising network, and companies can pay to hit the top position as part of the search page. It is a faster way to get results in search marketing, and helps build a business’ organic SEO. There are a few things to consider in using Google Adwords.

Google Adwords campaign

If you are running an Adwords campaign, there are a few things you should know.

It is an incredible marketing tool when used correctly, and can give a business a competitive edge and assist in getting the right information in front of the right people. There are a few key things you need to understand about AdWords before you start your campaign. It is hoped that with this information on your side, the chances of success become much higher.

Google Adwords Express Is a Simplified Version of Google Adwords

For people who have never used Google Adwords before, Google Adwords Express is a good way to be initiated into using search marketing. It is a far simpler version of Adwords, and doesn’t have all the features that the main product does.

It enables the novice to use Google Adwords, and because it is a more basic product is far easier to use. It doesn’t require keyword programming, and it is a lot faster to get up and running with a Google Adwords campaign using the Express app than the main Google Adwords product.

However, once you have been acquainted with Google Adwords Express it is recommended that you move to the normal version. This way you can tailor your requirements much better to your campaign.

Google Adwords Has a Steep Learning Curve

A lot of business managers have a difficult time wrapping their heads around trying to use Google Adwords, and that is why Google Adwords Express was created. The Google Adwords dashboard has a vast number of features and without having a good understanding of all of the facets of the interface, you would get lost and confused.

It is imperative that you take time to fully understand and comprehend all of the aspects of Google Adwords and how to use the dashboard prior to setting up your first campaign. Google Adwords Express is an ideal way to get underway with an advertising campaign, and to the initiate, helps facilitate understanding.

Understanding Keywords with Google Adwords

Keywords are a critical feature of understanding Google Adwords, as they are where your ads will feature when a consumer is performing a query into a search engine. If you use proper strategy in your keywords and understand how they relate to your product or service, you will make the best use of Google Adwords.

free keyword tools

Keywords are an essential part of Adwords.

Keywords are the various search strings that people enter into a search engine when they are looking for a particular answer to an issue that they have or wanting to find a product or service. Keywords are used in Google Adwords to present the information to the right person. Certain keywords are more valuable because they are used more often.

How Bidding Works In Keywords

Keywords used in Google Adwords have a certain financial value that depends on the frequency of it being entered as a search string in a query page. The more popular a certain keyword is, the higher a bid needs to be in order to gain a top position on the search page results. Programming keywords, and setting bid values, is a skill that requires a dedicated understanding of the way that the bid system works for Google Adwords.

The higher the bid that is placed on certain keywords, the more likely the ad is to appear before a consumer when they search for a particular topic. Bids can be done per click when the consumer clicks on an ad, and then the charge is added to the account then, or bids can be to gain top positioning for that particular keyword at a certain time.

Understanding Campaigns in Google Adwords

Setting up a profitable campaign in Google Adwords starts with a checklist and every successful marketing manager knows that ensuring all aspects of a campaign are managed properly will create profits and avoid the loss of marketing dollars.

A basic overall checklist for designing a Google Adwords campaign includes a few major components. Ensuring that there is significant search volume for your product on Google. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool helps you program campaigns by helping you to determine what kind of terms your customers are searching for.

If you load search terms your potential prospects are searching for, Google Adwords Keyword Tool provides suggestions as to other similar terms and the volume of searches that are conducted for each string on their search engine.

The Google Adwords Keyword tool will tell you how often people are searching for particular terms, and how much it will cost to use those particular keywords. It also indicates to you how competitive those particular keywords are on Google Adwords; the more competitive the terms are the more expensive they are to have your ad appear to a consumer who enters that search string in Google.

free keyword tools

How much are you willing to spend per day on Adwords?

When you are setting up your Google Adwords account, ensure that you have advanced setting activated, set the language to English and also set your appropriate location. Conduct a search for your relevant keywords on Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and be sure when you are doing your appropriate research that you are aware of how much search is being conducted on that search string.

As well as this, whether or not a customer would purchase something related to that keyword (for example buy makeup kit online, or book appointment for accountant); and also determine whether or not you can afford to pay for the use of that keyword, based on how often you want your ad to appear, for what hours of the day and for what designated time periods.

Be aware of your consumers’ search behaviour. Certain customers look for products and services at predictable times. For example, one photobooth business in Queensland knew from experience that their customers mostly were looking to book a hire booth for a party event or wedding between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Monday morning, and they were guaranteed to be able to book several weekend events.

This meant that they were able to optimise their budget, for $50 advertising, this was converted into about $4000 in revenue. Another business that provided emergency locksmith services knew that people often locked themselves out of their house or car during school pick up hours around 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Also the other busiest times to pick up business from lockout services was Friday and Saturday nights when people were coming back home. These people would tend be drunk and lock themselves out of their home. Knowing consumer behaviour will save you a lot of money because you can program your Google Adwords campaign to show ads when they are most likely to be seen by the right audience.

Working out whether or not you can afford to make a bid on a certain keyword means doing some mathematical calculations. If your maximum cost per click for for a designated amount, for example $8.00, and the cost of a keyword per click is $7.00 it is likely you are able to afford to use that keyword to bid on.

Determining your cost per click affordability means looking at some metrics in relation to your site. A company’s cost per click (maximum) is equal to the (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate). You can improve your website conversion rates through integrating all of your SEO.

Google Adwords campaign

It is important to think about what would be an appropriate bid on a keyword.

You may have a conversion rate of 3 customers per 100, and each customers gives you a profit of $100, and you have to ensure that you have a reasonable profit margin. It is important to have your maximum CPC within the range of Google’s estimated cost per click for a keyword otherwise you will be liable for a cost blowout on Google Adwords.

Gaining a Competitive Edge Over Your Company Rivals Through Apps

Keyword historical data, for your competitor’s other domains can be discovered through apps such as Keyword Spy or SpyFU. You can get a lot of information that will help you improve not only your SEO, but help you optimise your Google Adwords campaigns using the right keywords and spend less money.

There are other free keyword tools such as Keyword Eye, and taking advantage of using software to measure the effectiveness of keywords that have been used historically will ensure that you have a distinct advantage over your rival companies.

A Campaign Goal is Imperative with Google Adwords

When deciding what you want to achieve you have to set a campaign goal in order to make the best use of Google Adwords. Do you want a certain number of sales leads per month, do you want phone calls through your website, newsletter signups or sales of products and services  from your website?

Is there a certain cost per conversion that you want to achieve? These campaign goals help you to determine how to best utilise all of the right settings on Google Adwords. After you have established your campaign goal, ensure that you do the required research that supports your goal.

The Research that is Necessary for Google Adwords

Google Adwords campaign

Like many things in business, research is 100% necessary.

This includes researching of the metadata to do with your website, your company, products and services, the category of the industry that you are in, and what sort of content you have related to your business. You then extend that research into understanding your competitors. What do they have to offer, what type of metadata and SEO do they have on the Internet, and then you start looking at the people who buy from you.

What sort of products and services and solutions are the people that want to potentially buy from you looking for? By understanding your consumers, you can write excellent ad copy that will appeal to them emotionally about having the solution they need for their problems.

Supporting Your Google Adwords Campaign With Other Means

If you have an excellent landing page with irresistible offers, then your conversion rate will definitely go up. If you have never heard of A/B testing comparisons and checking of landing page conversion rates then you need to ensure that you start looking into a very important part of business and e-commerce on the Internet.

Different types of landing pages (designed based on consumer behaviour) will appeal to audiences in different ways, and the one that creates the most conversions and results is the one that needs to have Google Adwords budget directed to it, and also determine why that landing page has a better result with consumers.

Google Adwords Can Run Simultaneous Campaigns

Google Adwords campaign

You can run multiple campaigns at once, if required.

If you are a marketing manager who has several products and services that you want to advertise and present to potential leads, Google Adwords is the best platform to run multiple campaigns.

You can set up different ad groups under individual campaigns and program relevant keywords into the dashboard. This feature that allows management of all campaigns from one account is effective for you if you are also managing Google Adwords for other clients.


Google Adwords is an awesome advertising strategy for products that people purchase off the Internet, and is excellent in the way that you can manage it and broadcast your advertising. It allows for an exceptional level of customisation and means you can directly measure the conversion rates of your marketing budgets.

Print media, broadcast media and social media don’t directly correlate with being able to calculate conversion rates, but they can be used as an adjunct to measure the success of the main campaign. The statistical data taken off Google Adwords can help direct the rest of the advertising strategies for a business and allows for testing of the success of ideas.

What do you think about Google AdWords? Have you ever run or considered running this type of campaign? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you and get your opinion on this topic.

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