5 Marketing Mistakes on Twitter You Should Avoid at All Costs

As many of you are aware, Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool. Many businesses use Twitter to help grow and establish their brand. There are many successful examples of brands using Twitter to their advantage.

However, there are also countless businesses that fall into the trap of Twitter and are unable to use this social media tool to their advantage.


Avoid the following mistakes on Twitter

fedback stars1. Acknowledge all feedback, both positive and negative

It is important that you no longer ignore any type of feedback. Replying to feedback helps you build a connection and relationship with your customers and it also shows that you care about them. Unfortunately these days, you are likely to receive negative feedback on your Twitter page.

These types of situations can be tricky to deal with because the consumer is already in a negative frame of mind.

However, it is better to show you are trying to rectify the situation as opposed to doing nothing.

2. Not completing your profile

This seems like something very simple, but many business profiles on Twitter have incomplete profiles! You should spend a significant amount of time not only filling out all the components of your profile, but also using as much detail as possible.

Having a good quality profile and header photo is also essential, so make sure you go to your profile and have a close look at your pictures! You should also try and align the colours of your photos with your brand colours.

Finally, don’t forget to link your other social media pages and your website address to your Twitter account as well.

3. Overselling the brand

Many businesses are guilty of overselling their brand (and they might not even know it). Social media is primarily about engaging with your followers, and not about bombarding them with facts and posts about your brand.

It is important to create a mixture of Twitter posts that are engaging.

twitter wall

If your followers feel as though you are just simply trying to promote your brand and you aren’t providing them with interesting tweets that they want to here, then they are likely to un-follow you. You should also focus on building relationships with your followers.

4. Making tweets too long

Even though there is a 140 character limit, this is still too long for Twitter! Twitter is all about short and sharp messages that get to the point quickly. Also, research has suggested that tweets with 100 characters or less has a much higher level of engagement. Tweets that are too long also limit the possibility of other users retweeting your posts.

This is because when users retweet, it takes up some additional characters (which they will not have because you have already used all the characters in your original tweet).

5. Inconsistent tweeting

This is one of the most important mistakes you should try to avoid. If you are able to build a solid following they will be expecting you to continue tweeting, and if you don’t they could be disappointed and potentially un-follow your brand. Tweeting at least once a day if essential as it ensures that your followers are always thinking about your brand.

twitter bird

It is understandable that some days you will be very busy and may not have any time to tweet. However, there are now free or paid tools you are able to use to schedule your tweets.

This means you can create tweets for the entire week on a day that you have the time. For more Contact SEO Services Australia .

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