5 Sure-Fire Tips to Make Your Content More Shareable

It is a given that your website needs to have quality content to help improve your SEO. However, getting your content shared is the important part. The content on your website needs to be of high quality and it also must remain fresh relevant at all times. This will ensure that users on your website are both entertained and informed.

content writing for SEO

If your website visitors enjoy the content, they are more likely to share it and therefore there will be an increase in traffic.

Listed below are the 5 best tips to ensure your content is more shareable

1. Add practical value

easy to read contentResearch has suggested that the most shared content is not only surprising and provides interest to the readers but is also informative. Ensuring your content provides information that readers view as important will increase the likelihood of it being shared.

A good way to create informative content is to write a “how to”. This help your readers find out more information about the topic you are addressing.

2. Ensure ease of read

It is important that readers find your content easy to read. This means you should break up the text with pictures, diagrams, charts, etc. It can be a big turn off when a person clicks on to a website and there are too many words and not enough spaces and other visual aids.

Ensure paragraphs are kept to a minimum as this will also turn off readers.

3. Share buttons

Sometimes readers may want to share your content but there is no easy way to do so. Ensuring that you have social media share buttons clearly visible on all your content is extremely important.

Having the share button may encourage someone to share your content when they might not have been previously thinking of doing so.

mobile friendly4. Mobile friendly

It is important to make your content mobile friendly because many readers use their phone to read a websites’ content. If your content is difficult to read or view on a mobile phone, readers will simply go to another website.

Once your mobile friendly content is up and running you should act as a reader and go onto your website yourself to ensure that everything is working in the correct manner. You can check if your website is mobile friendly here.

5. Social media

Why not share your own content on your social media accounts? You can easily take matters into your own hands by sharing the content yourself.

This way you are sure to reach more people and there is a chance that they will read your content, enjoy it, and share it themselves.

Don’t just sit around about wait for someone else to share your content, take matters into your own hands!

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