Why Should Long-Tail Keywords Be Used?

A long-tail keyword is simply a keyword phrases and they contain three or more words. Many marketing experts prefer to have a higher rank for long-tail keywords as opposed to normal keyword phrases because of the profitability potential it holds and the fact that there is normally less competition for long-tail keywords. However, long-tail keywords need to be more specific and accurate to ensure those searching those keywords are being directed to the correct website (and the correct page on that website).

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Long-tail keywords hold many benefits and there are numerous reasons as to why it is gaining in popularity at such a rapid rate.

Listed below are the three reasons long-tail keywords should be used.

Less competition

Long-tail keywords generally have less competition because other websites are focussing on short keyword phrases. The decrease in competition means it is easier for your website to have a higher ranking for those particular keywords.

In 2013, Google updated is algorithm (called the Hummingbird Update). This update meant that Google now gives extra consideration to phrases that are long-tailed. Therefore, the more long-tailed keyword phrases your business uses, the more consideration from Google to better rank your website. The longer the keyword phrase, the less the competition.

This makes it easier for your website to gain a higher search engine ranking and therefore achieve a higher level of traffic quicker.

Easier for consumers to find what they are search for

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When consumers don’t instantly find exactly what they are looking for they tend to leave the website. Consumers want everything to be quick and easy, they don’t want to be looking at website after website searching.

Therefore if consumers are looking for something specific, they are now typing in longer keyword phrases because they understand this is the most effective way to find something.

When consumers can find exactly what they are looking for from your website, this means they are satisfied and you are more likely to turn the page visit into a transaction.

By investing resources in long-tail keywords this lowers the consumer dropout rate and ensures consumers are able to easily find what they are looking for.

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For example, If you are a business owner looking for social media services for your business. You might type in Google “social media packages for small businesses” rather than only use the short keyword “social media”.

Introduce more and better content

Long-tail keywords require you to be specific. This in turn requires the content on your website to also be specific. Creating better content is looked upon favourably and allows for better SEO.

The greater the variety of the long-tail keywords you produce, the more content you have to build. It is well known that Google ranks websites with larger amounts of content better than those with a limited amount of content.

Having different pages of content also helps boost your search engine ranking because this is something Google favours. More details on your website ensure that it is strong and will have the ability to compete with other similar websites.

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