Meme for facebook

We all like Memes, especially on Facebook

Why People Like Memes

If you don’t know what a meme is, it is important to get up to speed quickly. A meme is an image that usually has words along with it to convey a message to your followers. For example, it could be a picture of a camel with the words “hump day” superimposed in order to make a joke about it being Wednesday, which many people call hump day. Or it can be a picture from a famous show with a character saying a statement like “I don’t know if it’s a whatsit or a widget”, making a joke about widgets. Either way, they are pictures with text that are intended to be funny.

Humour is Important in Bonding
One thing that you can remember is that you needfacebook humor to discuss something in a jocular manner when using memes. If you are making a meme about your product or service, make a little joke about it. Maybe make a joke about how much you love widgets if you sell widgets. Or make a joke about your service to help your followers understand that you are in on the joke along with them. It allows you to bond together, with the common thread being the jokes portrayed in your memes.

They Are Easy to Like and Share on Facebook

Another great thing about memes is that they are easy for people to like and favourite, in addition to them  sharing the content that you have created. Whether the content is directly about your product or service or about something else entirely, the more the content is liked and shared amongst your followers and friends, the more likely you are going to be to get new people to look at your page and see information about your products.

understanding Pictures are Easily Digestible
An additional benefit of memes is that people can easily understand the information that a meme has within it. It gives the follower or fan a chance to understand a deep truth about the product or service in a little, short, and sweet manner. Due to the nature of memes being humorous it gives your followers the ability to understand the information in a new and unique manner. This also allows your readers to understand exactly what it is that you want them to understand. Maybe you want your customers to be calm in the face of adversity. Well, if they would only “Keep Calm and Carry a Widget”, they could do just that. Keep Calm and … is one meme that is quite popular online.

Memes Tell Truths Easily
Another thing that helps you to understand the popularity of memes is that they allow the poster to share something that is true, but in an easy-to-understand manner. Maybe you recently made a minor gaffe on your social networking site. The best way to say sorry is to show some humility and make a joke at your expense. By making a joke at your expense, you show your followers that you understand what you did wrong and are willing to laugh at yourself along with them.

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