How to Create the Best Landing Pages

In its most basic sense, a landing page is a website page that any user clicks on. However, in terms of advertising and marketing, a landing page is usually referred to as a web page that is separate from your main home website.

landing page

Landing pages are specifically designed for one particular objective. There are two common forms of landing pages; lead generation and click through. Lead generation landing pages are usually used when you would like to collect user data; including personal information such as an email address or a name. Click through landing pages are used to encourage visitors to click through on to another web page.

4 main methods to use when looking to create the best landing pages

SEO friendly landing page1. Add Third Party Credibility

This is similar to including recommendations. Adding third party credibility to your landing page can help increase conversions because potential customers are able to see what other people think about your business and products, not just what you think about your business and products.

If you don’t currently have any testimonials you should ask your current consumers if they would be happy to give you some feedback.

The review function on social media (especially Facebook) is now easier to use and is becoming more relevant for businesses.

2. Don’t Waffle

It is important that your landing page gets to the point. Landing pages are supposed to be quick and succinct so try not to include too much information.

These days, users are discouraged by large blocks of content and they are likely to leave any webpage that holds too many words. Users are likely to scan the screen until they find what they are looking for. Therefore, you should make it easier for them by having small blocks of text with many visual aids.

Using clear headings will also assist users in finding exactly what they are looking for faster.

3. Don’t Use Too Many Visuals

Some businesses seem to think that creating and using extravagant, over the top images or graphics on their landing pages will attract and convert more consumers; however this is certainly not the case.

Too many visuals can be overbearing and confusing for a user and it also distracts the user from the main reason why they came to your landing page. Including some graphics are important, however too many can dramatically increase your website’s loading time and if your site is taking too long to load, users may go elsewhere.

It is important to ensure that your visuals support and aid the journey to a conversion.

contrast colours

4. Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours are a good way to help parts of your landing page stand out. Your call to action button is going to probably be one of the most important aspects of your landing page, therefore the button should be a contrasting colour to ensure it stands out and is clearly visible.

If contrasting colours are not used, your landing page might look boring, therefore it is a good idea to add some colour to create interest.

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