Things Business Owners Fear About SEO

Starting your own business is scary enough. You are sure to encounter a lot of various challenges on your way to the operation of a successful business. On top of this, there are probably many issues or strategies that will arise and you won’t even know where to start.

Fear of SEO company


SEO is certainly one of these areas. However, you should not fear SEO because it is only here to help you. It is important to break down the different aspects of SEO into bite size pieces to better understand how it works.

Many people find SEO as a whole to be confusing and that is why they make the decision not to touch it. Although, as I am sure many businesses who do use SEO can attest to, deploying SEO strategies does work and creates additional sales as well as increasing your brand awareness. These days, where competition is so fierce, it would be to your detriment not to run an SEO campaign.

Despite the obvious benefits that an SEO campaign provides, many business owners still have a certain level of fear when it comes to SEO. This blog post addresses the top 6 reasons why business owners fear SEO as well as providing a solution to overcome this fear!

Why You Should Get Started Your SEO Campaign

SEO is a scam

This is a big issue for business owners, especially those who know absolutely nothing about search engine optimisation. This is because it can sometimes be difficult to determine if an SEO company is legitimate or not.

long term contract

It is sad to say, but there are SEO scammers out there looking to suck you into signing a long term contract and not actually produce any long term, sustainable results. When searching for an SEO company always be careful of the type of promises they offer, if it sounds too go to be true, it probably is.


If any given SEO company claims to know Google’s algorithm (therefore could easily get your website to the first page with the ranking factors), then this business is most likely running a scam.

SEO guarantees

Also, it is important to look out for SEO businesses guaranteeing your business top position on search engine results.  Google is constantly changing their algorithm and it is too difficult to fully understand and know every aspect of it. Remember:

No one can guarantee first page results in Google

Exactly! No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Don’t you believe? Check Google’s official website where Google is warning businesses which received any SEO guarantees ➡ here ?

Legitimate SEO companies can take educated guesses about Google’s ranking factors through their experience and knowledge.

It takes SEO consultants a lot of time and effort to work towards pushing your website up in the rankings. Legitimate SEO companies work hard to give you good results that are sustainable as well as using white hat SEO tactics. All this hard work wouldn’t be done for next to no money. Therefore, if you receive a cheap quote from an SEO company, the services they provide are likely to be cheap as well.

SOLUTION: Do your research. By reading blogs like this one and conducting independent research about the different aspects of SEO, you will be able to make a more educated decision if any particular SEO company is trying to scam you.

Also, if something doesn’t feel right about the SEO business, then you should trust your gut and it is probably best to look elsewhere. Look for SEO companies that are making realistic promises and you should ask for a list of their current clients to see the previous work they have done. You might also ask them for any examples, case studies or references.

The SEO expert doesn’t really care about my business

Your business is precious to you and it is common that you don’t want someone else taking over such an important part of your business. It is quite common for business owners to fear that the SEO consultants they hire could ruin their business. This can include receiving penalties from Google or the formation of a negative brand image. SEO decisions that are not made with the business’ success in mind can result in a negative impact for the business.

Bad SEO experts

Many business owners view that because the SEO expert’s income and livelihood does not revolve around the success of your business that they simply do not care and are only looking to make a little money of you. This leads back into the first fear that SEO is a scam. Like the first fear, it is important to do your research on different SEO company’s and find the one the you are most comfortable with.

SOLUTION: Again, do a lot of research. If you are particularly worried about the power you have given the SEO consultant, you can request that every decision they want to make or aspect that want to change has to be run past you first.

If the SEO expert does not agree to this condition then you are better off looking elsewhere.

After time if you are feeling more comfortable with the types of changes and decisions the SEO expert is making, then you can give them more leeway and freedom with your SEO campaign.

SEO is too expensive

As explained in the fear that SEO is a scam, proper SEO services aren’t cheap. But that doesn’t mean they have to break the bank either. Finding an SEO package that is just right for your business should also come with a reasonable price tag.

cheap SEO ain't good work

One Thing Marketing has run a hypothetical case study to show how SEO provides return on investment. In this case study the business invests $1,000 each month into SEO. The SEO company did their research and developed a set of keywords that the business is going to target. These keywords are generating about 35,400 search queries per month. As the effects of the SEO strategy begin to take effect and when this website shows up on the first page of results for these keywords, they achieve a 2% average click through rate. This means that there are about 708 (35 400 x 2%) new visitors on their website and if the website is expected to convert 5% of customers then there would be potentially 35 (708 x 5%) new customers. For this business, the average value of a sale is $100. Therefore meaning the additional sales each month through the $1 000 investment of SEO would be $3,500 (35 x $100).

By using your own figures you can work out the estimated return on investment on SEO for your business. Based on the above figures it is clear to see that eMarketers recent research on business owners has been solidified. They concluded that 72% of business owners thought that a proper SEO campaign will dramatically improve their efforts for marketing. So, you may feel that SEO is too expensive, but it is likely that you will see positive return on any given investment for this campaign.

SOLUTION: By researching different packages and prices you should have a more realistic view on what is good value for money. If you feel SEO is too expensive for your business at this time, then save SEO for another time or start on a small (and the cheapest) SEO package and work your way up.

SEO is too complicated

This is a very common fear of business owners and this is probably the main reason they choose not to invest in SEO. The truth of the matter is, SEO is complicated and at times it can be difficult to wrap your head around all of the terms and processes that can occur. It can be particularly difficult to understand SEO because of its ever evolving nature. One day a particular strategy may be very effective, and the next, doesn’t show any improvement. However, it is not too complicated that any given business owner cannot understand even the basics.

Makes Complete Sense

It is not your job to be an SEO expert; you can just leave it to the professional. However, it is a good idea to have at least some knowledge in the area so you can understand what the SEO company is doing for your business. Proper research in the area can be difficult because there is a lot of misinformation about SEO on the internet. It is best to read information of the main, well known SEO websites including SEO Shark!

SEO Shark search results

SOLUTION: When hiring an SEO company to run a campaign, if you don’t understand something, just ask them. Legitimate SEO businesses should be more than happy to explain to you how things work in a way that is easy to understand. It is important to do your research as well so you can understand just the basics and then you can let the SEO experts get back to what they do best; SEO!

There is no point to creating content

This is a seriously irrational fear business owners have, and honestly, a complete lie. Have you not heard of the phase; “content is king”!? Content is among the most important influences for SEO and through the previous four points I think we have established just how important SEO is for your business!

SEO and quality content get on like a house on fire!

Using SEO to build traffic is an important step, and actually having quality content that will add perceived value in the consumer’s eye is just as important. SEO creates the traffic to your website, but if there is no valued content then what reason are you giving the consumers to stay on your website?

content is the king

The content on your website has to be unique and provide the extra value to consumers. Search engines also like quality content and they will look favourably on websites that have put in the effort to wow consumers with content.

SOLUTION: Have a look at your top competitor’s websites and see the type of content they are creating. Do not copy it, but use it has a guide to see the type of content that works best in your industry. These days, a good way to create new and exciting content is to start up a blog attached to your website. Blogs are a good way to engage consumers and you have the liberty of writing about almost anything.

The results are too slow

The question I always get asked is; “So how long until I can start seeing results?” And after I answer this question, it is followed by the remark; “Wow really that long?” It does take a fair amount of time to see results in terms of SEO and any company promising fast SEO results is likely to be operating a scam.

quality SEO takes time

The answer to the age old question of when SEO will start to take effect is…”it depends “. There are a lot of different factors that impact SEO and it can change depending on the industry your business is operating in. The effort SEO brings is usually like a snowball effect. It takes a bit of time to get going, but once you are on a roll there is almost no stopping and the results just get better and better.

Most SEO companies stick to the time frame of 2 – 4 months to first begin to see positive changes

and 4 – 6 months to see substantial changes and after a year is when you are likely to see the best results.

SOLUTION: Try not to give up on SEO too soon, be patient your results will come. Even if you are not impressed with the results in the first couple of months try to stick to it because the result are likely to be on their way.  Be reasonable and flexible with the amount of time you give for your SEO campaign to take full effort.


Moral of the story: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Research is likely to cure all your fears about SEO. To many, SEO is this scary unknown creature, but really once you get to know it you’ll wonder why you were ever afraid (and why you didn’t start a campaign earlier!). Even after hours and hours research, you still don’t fully understand SEO, that’s okay, you can always hand it over to the professionals.

A professional SEO company will work hard for your business and should always assist in addressing your fears of SEO. It should not be feared, it should be praised. You won’t fully understand the amazing benefits SEO has to offer until you give it a try!



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