How to Boost Traffic On Your Website

Boosting traffic on your website is a straightforward process. Google will make note of the number of visitors to your site, and it will increase in search rankings. In order to analyse the efforts you put into increasing the flow of traffic to your website, ensure that a metrics logger is embedded into the code on your website. Evaluating your efforts helps to improve performance over time.

boost traffic on your website

When there are more visitors on your website, Google will give you a higher ranking.

There are a number of methods that have been shown over time to increase website traffic that are legitimate (white hat) type boosters. These include:

  • Social media promotion
  • Forums
  • Guest blogging
  • Advertising via Google Adwords and other traditional types of media
  • Using keywords including long tail keywords
  • Optimise on page/ off page
  • Create structured data using site schema to increase bot readability
  • Email marketing
  • Interview different experts on your blog

To explore and expand upon these, read on:

Community and Channel Creation Boosts Traffic

When a website is created, there are a number of concepts that should be integrated into the design process in order to create an iterative, expansive site that increases its level of traffic over time. A site should firstly be geared towards being community or niche oriented and seek involvement from people who are interested in what you have to offer.

This can be done via a number of ways. Integrating e-commerce into a site is fairly straightforward, and can also help to improve general overall user experience when a community is involved.

boost traffic on your website

It is important to build more connections in order to create more website traffic

The best websites are ones where the users are listened to. A Facebook page at an absolute minimum as an adjunct to a website will fuse a level of interactivity with a site, although not to the fullest way possible. A forum however is an entirely different way to engage a whole lot of traffic and in a greater depth of quality.

According to Grow Traffic forums, despite the appearance of social media are still used by millions of people every day. Forums are a different type of social interaction, and they are formed around niche interests. A lot of passionate enthusiasts inhabit forums, contributing their opinions and expertise to group discussion.

Having paid user forums is a way of eliminating spammy links, and comments that are redundant. Trolls and other such type of posting can also be eliminated through moderation and monitoring of forums. This ensures that the quality of the forum is maintained. When quality is assured, more traffic tends to grow, as people enjoy the experience of being in a particular forum.

Forums and social media pages are ways for people to interact with one another and take ownership of the content and add in meaningful ways. This can be seeded by additional means.

Generating shareable content, such as presentations, podcasts, YouTube videos and articles that engage and spark discussion are an incredibly powerful way of boosting traffic to a website. This includes posting to sites such as LinkedIn, a social media site for professionals and business people. Authority and knowledge are highly respected on a site like LinkedIn.

Traffic will surface to your website when you generate content, and then share it via a variety of platforms. This content need not only contain your own resources, but by interviewing other experts in your industry, you bring adherents from their own field into your attention. You may create a series of articles for a greater audience by interviewing experts, and in the meantime establish your own credibility.

boost traffic on your website

When you create high quality content, visitors will flock to your website.

Network Outside of the Internet

Networking still takes place in the realm of the real business environment. When you attend networking and business events, and commerce meet-ups, you have the chance to put your name out there and promote the answers that people are seeking.

They can find this information on your website, so be sure to have your business card ready to hand out to people. If people want help with something, and you are the go-to person, word will soon spread, and site traffic will rapidly increase via word of mouth.

Attending conventions and also trade shows, and having a display booth is also a way to advertise your business. People who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer can meet you in person, engage with you, and then because of a person-to-person interaction, will forge a deep level of trust. They can visit your website for ongoing follow up, and be sure to maintain a good user experience once it has been established.

Be Aware Of Your Competitor

Often being more successful than your competitor is not merely about offering the same type of product at a cheaper price, but about servicing your customer in a much better way, and offering better value. A webinar that was circling several years ago about generating e-books for Amazon has as its core concept that in order to create a best-selling book in a particular niche, look at what the competition is selling.

By looking and analysing the competition, you are in a better position to be able to set your own point of difference. When you look at the comments and reviews that customers have made about your competitor, you will have the ability to take on board those comments and to ensure that you serve the consumer better. Look for what types of product and service that the customer really needs, and deliver it.

boost traffic on your website

It is important to know everything you possibly can about your competitors.

That is part of the nature of user experience design, to examine what is already in existence, take onboard feedback and then create and synthesise a product or service that better serves the consumer. It results in an increase in traffic to the website, and better site conversion rates. When you know your competitor, you know how to refine your own tactics and strategies in order to flourish.

Ensure That Your Website Has Good User Experience

Good user experience includes fast load times on a website, a site that is easy to navigate and find information on and also provides contact information, privacy policies, business information, information such as legal terms and conditions, relevant content that addresses the consumer’s concerns, and is responsive both for desktops and mobiles.

Sites that are full of ads, irrelevant and bland content, pop ups that obscure the website, and are unattractive will have a reduction in site traffic. It is important to take your time to ensure all the important user experience features are added to your website.

User experience that is done well will ramp up traffic automatically. When a user has a pleasurable experience with the processes on the web and doesn’t get frustrated from using a website, they are more likely to refer other people and so Google will also rank a site a lot higher. Well-designed sites have a lot of quality signals.

Use Better Quality Links

Linking to your site from reputable sources is an effective way to organically increase traffic to your website. Links from reputable and recognised sites within your industry will increase the credibility of your website and with it, traffic.

good user experience

A quality backlink profile will help to showcase your website to more people.

When considering ways to increase traffic to your website, a way to do that is to engage your users more by discussing your consumer’s questions and problems. When you discuss what your users would search for on Google, you are naturally creating a source of links for traffic to follow through to your website.

Another way to increase the quality of links through to your website is to be a contributor on other expert blogs and to offer commentary on your own niche. This will create a link back to your own site, and this also increases the amount of traffic to your site.


Creating website traffic organically in a way that is sustainable is part of an ongoing effort in managing SEO. When businesses think a website will solve all of their business problems, they have only begun to scratch the surface in getting a return on their investment.

Without concerted efforts in driving traffic to a website through SEO and organically boosting website traffic, the website will sit statically in cyberspace, and be a source of disappointment. Your SEO efforts need to be ongoing. Once you reach the first page of Google you cannot stop! Other competitors will be working to knock you off your value position.

In order to counter wasting a valuable investment and resource, maximise the use of it as the backbone of your business marketing campaign. You can do this by providing valuable content and information rich articles that directly address the needs of your target consumer.

good user experience

Providing rich content is crucial to boosting your website’s traffic.

People will go searching for that information and if you solve a solution, or demonstrate to a consumer how their lives will improve through the use of your information, you will naturally drive a lot of traffic to your website.

There are a host of methods for increasing traffic to your website, and we have discussed a number of ways in this article. We invite your comments and experiences in how you have boosted traffic to your site.


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