Instagram introduces feature for users to ‘mute’ other accounts

Instagram is introducing a brand new feature that lets users hide posts and stories by a particular account on their feed without unfollowing them. This new feature bears a striking similarity with Twitter’s existing feature, even sharing the same name.

The new feature is called ‘mute’ and it blocks content from a particular user from appearing on the main feed.

Instagram introduces feature for users to ‘mute’ other accounts

Photo: Webster2703, Pixabay

The feature can be employed by tapping the three-dot menu on top of a post or account page. The option to ‘mute’ a user will appear. Choosing this option will mean that content from that user will no longer be visible on your main feed.

Further options will be given, with the choice of muting just stories or posts from the user or both.

However, their content can still be viewed by visiting their main account page. This feature can be turned off and on at any time, and the muted account will not be notified.

Similar to features introduced by Twitter and Facebook, this allows users to better control what appears on their feed.

Facebook’s method of incorporating a ‘following’ feature allowed users to unfollow content from their friends. Social media sites are becoming smarter with optimising their feed for their users.

As more and more features are introduced, we can observe an overlapping in the features offered within each platform.

While each major social media platform has a different purpose, as more developments are made, there is no certainty about any platform maintaining its streak.

In order to remain relevant and regarded as favourable by users, social media platforms must continue to innovate and grow.

This new feature will no doubt provide a better experience for the user by allowing a more customisable feed. But this move towards convenient, customisable platforms raises questions for the kind of digital culture we are developing.