How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement?

Increase engagement on Instagram

If your company isn’t using Instagram to interact with its consumers, then you are missing out on some prime social media real estate. Instagram has over 200 million active users per month who share 60 million different images per day, resulting in 1.6 billion (with a B) likes per day. The social network is growing at an astonishing rate and is a great resource for brand engagement. Due to the nature of the beast that is Instagram, we can likely surmise that usage of this social network is much more engaging than older social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. So what can you do to increase engagement on this social media platform?

User Generated Content Is King
The first way to increase engagement on Instagram is by asking your followers to provide new content with a hashtag of your choosing. This allows potential and former customers to see the content with your hashtag and think to themselves, “what a wonderful brand.” This produces a type of celebration that is authentic and powerful validation of your company’s brand awareness campaign. Moreover, in addition to the brand awareness that is created through hashtagging social media campaigns, the engagement is authentic, inspirational, and expressive.

ReGram Like You Care
Another way to make sure that you have engagement in your brand is to ensure that you show your customers that you can “hear” their excitement towards your brand. One way to do this is by regramming the photos and memes that come through your Instagram hashtags. Just make sure that when you are doing this, you credit and request permission of your followers to ensure that your customers understand that you appreciate their enthusiasm.

Make Instagram a Conversion Starter

instagramYet another way to link e-commerce to social networking is to get the most action out of your social media engagement. This is done by using the dynamics of Instagram’s unique social media platform in an effort to drive your followers to your website or to complete some other action that you ultimately want them to do. This can be done by showing the customer what they can find on your website and works best if you are a provider of things like clothing, electronics, or services that have some sort of outside ultimate result.

Engage with Power Users
Another way to ensure that you engage your consumer base is to first engage with power users of the social media platform. This can be done in a number of ways, including giving away products to your customers and getting them to document their usage of the product on Instagram. This allows you to not only increase your brand awareness, but to also get in depth information on how people are using your product in the real world, which is something that companies pay good money to find out in controlled studies without the added bonus of free advertising. Ultimately, this will allow you to engage your customer base by showing them everything that you can offer them, one photo at a time.

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