What benefits does Instagram Provide to Businesses?

Instagram was launched only 6 years ago and in just the first 3 months it grew to 1 million users. Since its launch, Instagram has continued to grow and develop, and it is now one of the most powerful social media sites.

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Despite this power, few businesses are yet to take full advantage of this social media site, most businesses only use Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, this gives you a unique opportunity to beat out your competition and jump on to a trend before it become too popular.

You don’t even need an expensive camera to take stunning photos; Instagram helps turn any persons’ basic smartphone photo into a work of art!

The top 4 benefits Instagram provides to businesses

1. Edge over competitors

As said above, there aren’t many businesses on Instagram yet! This therefore gives you the opportunity to get a competitive edge and establish your Instagram account before your competition jumps on the band wagon.

The increase in the amount of communication platforms you have available will impress your consumers and will hopefully assist them in remaining loyal. If you are looking to target millennials in particular, Instagram is definitely the way to go.

Due to the fact that Instagram is based heavily on pictures, it will give you a different type of audience that Facebook and Twitter cannot provide.

2. Visual marketing

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Instagram is often used by every web marketing company. Instagram is all about pictures and if you relate that to the say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, you’ll understand why this social media site is so powerful. Consumers are now more interested in seeing pictures and we are becoming a more visual bunch of consumers.

A powerful photograph can create a lot more buzz and excitement than a long content heavy social media post. As readers, we are known to look at the picture first and then read the content.

If you post on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, your content will be first and then your photo. However, with Instagram, the picture is before the content.

3. Networking

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you are likely to already be networking with others. Instagram provides you with another outlet to network and extend your reach online. This is done through commenting, following and liking other Instagram accounts that are related to your business and its industry. You are able to set the search hashtags based on industry so you are able to easily find what you are looking for.

website traffic4. Increase traffic to your website

Increasing SEO traffic to your website is probably going to be one of your main online goals as a business owner, and Instagram can help you do this!

Make sure you post a link to your website in your bio because this is the only area Instagram allows for an active hyperlink.

In you posts you should also regularly mention your website as well as usually call to action’s (i.e. ‘Visit our website for more information.’ or ‘Call us today if you would like this amazing offer.’).

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