Best Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

Blogs can be a powerful tool for both individuals and businesses. It is important to spend as much time as possible making your blog as good as it can be. However, creating an amazing blog would mean nothing without a sufficient audience to read it.

Gaining a solid audience base for your blog can be difficult because no matter how niche the topic of your blog, there are always others writing something similar.

Blog traffic

Listed below are the top 4 ways to increase your blog traffic.

1. Publish Consistently

It is now simply not enough to publish excellent content for your blog; you have to also publish your content consistently. When you are building an audience, they will come to expect your content at a certain time. It is important that you live up to their expectations and produce a blog post when you say you will.


You must understand the other aspects of your life and determine how many blogs you are able to produce in a week. It is important not to be too ambitious and tell your audience you will upload 3 blogs a week, when actually you are too busy and can’t.

You should aim to produce a new blog once a week. If your audience is expecting new content at a certain time it is imperative that you deliver, or they might go to a different blog to find new and interesting content.

2. Share on Different Platforms

This is a fairly simple method to increase you blog traffic, however, research has suggested that businesses do not share their blog content as much as they should. Your blog should not only be shared across many social media platforms but also more than once on each of the platforms.

This does not mean you should bombard your followers with posts about your new blog.

share blog

It means to share your blog content as soon as it is published and then again a few days later and possibly again later in the month (only if the blog content is still up to date and the topic is relevant).

3.  Show off All your Different Blog Posts

Whenever a visitor is on your blog website is it important to showcase all your other blog posts as well. Therefore if someone is reading one of your posts and they enjoy it, then they are able to easily view all the other posts available to them.

While the reader is already on your blog website it is important to encourage them to continue reading. If you have a lot of blog posts you should also break them down into different categories or topics.

This means that if a reader has a certain interest they are able to find all your blogs about that particular topic. You should also put your most popular blog at the top of the homepage because that is the content that most people are interested in.

Comments4. Encourage Comments

Many websites that contain blogs are turning off the option for comments because of the potential of spam or negative comments. However, allowing for comments is important because it turns your blog into a community.


Readers are able to express their own opinions/ views and interact with other readers. You must only allow the option for comments if you know you will have time to read and reply to any messages and also delete any inappropriate comments if necessary. Contact SEO Company Sydney for more details.

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