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Increase Your Search Engine Ranking to Increase Sales

Increase your sales by getting more traffic to your website

Getting a high search engine ranking will help put your website higher on a search engine’s results page, which will help to direct more traffic to your site. Despite the fact that some search engines use an algorithm to determine their rankings for web pages, you can improve your ranking, get more visibility and increase your business.

increase your sales

Some of the ways you can do this are:

Don’t overuse keywords. By using only a few keywords on your site, you will seem more authoritative on your topic, which will help give you a better ranking on search engines.

Update your content. If you don’t update your content on a consistent basis, you will lessen your chances of having repeat visitors to your site. Stale content can work against you, causing your ranking to drop on search engines and making it harder for potential customers to find your company’s website.

Include social content. Search engine spiders will search your site more frequently if you include content like news, podcasts, or videos that appeal to the general public. You can add keywords to all of the content on your site to increase your ranking. Add keywords to picture and video captions, as well as to podcast descriptions.

Develop backlinks. Backlinks are links from other web pages that link back to your website. Search engines heavily rank backlinks and consider them ‘votes’. The more ‘votes’ your website gets, the better your ranking will be, making it easier to find your website on search engine results pages.

Links should use keywords. Using relevant keywords in your links will give you a higher search engine ranking. When searching for information on products or services, searchers use keywords, and if those keywords are in the text of your link, your site will be listed earlier on the results page.

Create buzz with social media.

a loopSocial media participation can also affect your search engine ranking. Building followers or friends on social sites is a good way to share content, especially if those followers and friends share it with their networks of followers and friends as well. Sharing content will help you increase your site’s search engine ranking.

Become more popular with the “in” crowd. Search engines, Google in particular, pays attention to how many likes, followers, shares and mentions you get on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google +. The authority of your followers and/or friends who like, mention or share your social media content impacts your search engine ranking as well. Quality tweets and posts will help attract more authoritative friends and followers.

Taking the time to develop a higher search engine ranking will help you reap many dividends for your business. The higher your ranking climbs, the higher your website’s link will be on search engine results pages, driving more traffic to your website. Once visitors find your site, you will have the chance to convert them into customers and increase profits. If you use these suggestions, you will notice the increase in traffic to your site.

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