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What is inbound marketing?

Why inbound marketing strategy is a winner, and the emerging trends in it.

internet marketing strategyWhat is inbound marketing?

It is a marketing strategy which uses media like the internet to engage with customers. On the internet, a multitude of inbound marketing channels are made use of, like blogs, videos, webinars, eBooks, newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers and other content marketing channels.

Unlike in outbound marketing, where a marketer tries to sell his product through telemarketing, e-mails, cold calls, etc., in this style of marketing, a marketer engages his prospective customer through various channels. To sum it up, the former goes to a prospective buyer, and the latter ensures they are found by a prospective buyer.

Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing

An inbound marketer wins hands down when compared to an outbound marketer in terms of active engagement with the customer and generating leads. Lets us look at the reasons behind this changed pattern in marketing strategy.

The evolution of the internet has made outbound marketing obsolete

With the increase in the number of internet users, there has been a demand for informative content from a buyer. Gone are the days when a customer could be enticed by flashy tele advertisements. In today’s scenario, a buyer prefers to gather useful information before any of their purchases, and to do this, they mostly depend on the internet.

It is a cost-effective marketing strategy

Engaging customers through guerrilla marketing tools for promoting content through a network or a community costs a marketing manager a lot less when compared to putting up bill boards, shooting ads, and other similar marketing methods.

In marketing, the value of money spent is judged by every dollar spent to a lead generated. In terms of cost effectiveness as well, inbound marketing scores higher, as it costs 62% less to generate a lead when compared to traditional outbound marketing methods.

Emerging trends in inbound marketing

  • Local search websites

Local search websites have burst onto the scene like never before. From trying to find a gym to buying an exclusive product, a large portion of customers are keying to these local sites. The advantages that these sites bring to the fore are that their services are location based, making it easier to find anything a person needs as his location details. Hence, it is time for marketers to leverage their services.

  • Mobile

It is a well-known fact that the number of smartphone buyers is ever increasing. Research by leading marketing firms has confirmed that 58% of smart phone and tablet owners do their store-related shopping online using these devices. This fact should be enough for a marketer to ensure that they have a responsive and custom-made mobile website, otherwise they are bound to lose their leads.

Ensure you leverage the inbound marketing tools

Content creation is the sole idea of this marketing style. Creating informative, attractive and engaging content is imperative for any content marketing strategy. But besides these things, a marketer needs to ensure that they get their analysis right in terms of the right marketing mix, reaching responsive customers, etc.

Use of analytic tools, keyword research, branding strategy, and link building, along with inbound marketing tools, will help your marketing strategy stay ahead of competition.

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