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Top 5 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

Search engine optimisation and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. This is because both of them are organic in nature. They make use of inbound strategies with special focus on creating an online identity that attracts visitors naturally. There are unique social media practices that boost SEO. Let’s examine the top five among them.

  1. Growing number of followers

followersThe number of followers in a particular social media platform matters a lot in any SEO effort. When the number keeps growing, there’s always the possibility of attaining a higher ranking in popular search engines. Facebook and Twitter are the major avenues of growing followers. Every serious minded business person that wants the best of SEO should take time to build followers on such social media platforms.

  1. Promoting external inbound links

Social media platforms when properly harnessed can help a lot in promoting external inbound links. This is often realized when external sites link to contents in organic fashion. Any website can gain more authority when there are several external links that link to it. This can be achieved when proper social media accounts are regularly maintained.

  1. Optimizing posts for searches

This is another social media practice that can easily boost SEO. The more posts that are optimized for search engines on social networks, the higher the website ranks. In most cases, Google and other search engines favour social media users that take time to update and optimise their posts regularly.

  1. Regular social sharing

Sharing posts on social media platforms can boost SEO effort a great deal. The sharing is usually possible when the post is attractive to social media visitors. Users can easily re-share an interesting post once they come across it. When a single post attracts up to 1,000 shares, the SEO results are usually very great.

  1. Enhancing brand awareness

When proper brand awareness is enhanced through social media platforms, great SEO results will be realised at the end. Regular branding has a way of promoting a user’s reputation on social media networks. It often leads to an increased online presence and also enhances search results on Google and other search engines.

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Best SEO results with Social Media

Aside from the above, there are other minor social media practices that still boost SEO in diverse ways. There’s no need to neglect any good social media practice no matter how small. It’s possible to generate great results when the practice is active.

Moreover, there’s a need for consistency in the use of social media platforms. Regular posts and updates are highly encouraged. It’s important to update profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media platforms. This encourages SEO efforts tremendously. It’s possible to realise huge results when all of the possible social media avenues are explored. The overall results are usually very encouraging.

In all, mapping out time to engage in consistent social media practices is the major key here. The more time a person invests in updating social media platforms, the greater the SEO results.

To sum up, good social media marketing practices have lots of impact on SEO. It’s important to create time to engage in effective social media practices that will yield great results in the end.