Why use hashtags in your Social Media Content

What is a hashtag?

It is used as a metadata tag. A group of characters prefixed by the hash symbol ‘#’ is called a hashtag. A hashtag syntax looks like this: ‘#word/phrase ’.These are generally used on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and pinterest to tag content related to other content with similar topics on the social media platform.

Grouping of messages that are related to topic is made possible by using hashtags, as they can be searched to view the set of messages that are linked to the same one. Many of the leading networking sites have included clickable hashtags: when clicking on them, a user is routed to a page of the entire set of messages tagged to a hashtag.

Why should you include hashtags in your marketing strategy?

hashtags facebookThese are specifically used in social media marketing to achieve marketing goals of holding audience attention by creating trending topics, branding your product, etc. And it has been widely observed that content with hashtags gets twice the engagement from the audience compared to content without them.

Brand and campaign taglines that are used by your business can be used as hashtags to link your content. These go a long way in helping to promote your brand and market across a social media platform.

Brand hashtag

brand hashtag should be unique to your company. It can be your company’s name or a tagline with which people associate your business. The sole aim of this is to use the brand tag as a signature tag to your business and get people to engage with it. Besides, this also ensures that the brand tag is short and easy to remember.

For instance, if one has a discount electronics store, then an ideal tag could be #discounteleectronics. However, never use a tag like #wegivebestdiscountsforyouonelectronics. The latter tag is too long, and a customer will not remember it, which in turn will make it unsearched for.

Once an appropriate brand tag is created, ensure that you group all the content to it, and also use the same tag across various social media platforms, making it easier for customers to engage with your brand.

Trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are the ones that are most talked about. You often come across people asking what is trending now, which means that a large section of social media audience interest is hooked to some topic. Various social networking sites list the top trending tags on their main page. Tags in this list are dynamic and change within a few minutes, so a tag you found 10 minutes back among the top ten trending hashtags may not visible in the list anymore.

A marketer should react in a timely manner, and when you spot a topic trending that is related to your business, engage with it by using that in your content. This way, your message will be sent across a massive audience. Your content is now being seen by everyone, and not only your followers. All of this is achieved without spending a penny.

Engage with your customers

The sole aim of using hashtags is to ensure maximum engagement with your followers and fans. But with the advancement of mobile technology and a burst of low-range smartphones in the market, everyone has at least one mobile in their pockets today. This has increased the usage of social media sites, not only for communication, but also to stay connected and find the relevant content. In such a scenario, a marketer should use hashtags to ensure that their brand is searched for and talked about.

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