Useful Tips on How to grow your Business using Social Media

Social media is now considered one of the most effective methods of marketing and growing a business. Therefore, you must be able to harness the power of social media to allow your business to grow. There are always new opportunities to be found on social media which acts as potential for your business to grow.

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By following these following tips it is hoped that this will ensure the growth of your business. However, it is important to remember that you will not see growth overnight. The process of building growth on your social media platform takes time.

1. Optimise each social media platform by formatting the content

It is important to be active on the various different social media platforms on offer. However, this doesn’t mean posting the same content on each of the platforms. It is important to optimise the content for each platform. For example for Twitter your posts should be short and should make use of hashtags, photos are required for Instagram (and mostly Facebook) and Facebook should also include videos and memes for humour. You should ensure that even though the posts are different on each account, that the central message is still the same.

true2. Stay true to what your business is

This means remembering what your goals and objectives are and what your business stands for. Social media users are now very perceptive and can easily pick out when a business post is “faking it”. Your posts should seem natural and unforced and it is important to include a limited number of direct selling posts. There is an 80/20 rule that is good to follow. You should focus on other messages that are related to your industry 80% of the time and 20% of the time focus on your business’s products, services and offers. This rule will ensure that your social media accounts are not seen as only sales orientated. This will hopefully open your business to more engagement and therefore growth.

3. Consistency is key

When business posts are not consistent consumers can become easily confused and this can affect the growth. To ensure that you remain consistent through all your posts you should make a plan and stick to it. It is important to remain consistent with both the actual content of your posts and the amount of posts per week. Your business is less likely to grow if you are continuously changing the amount and types of posts because your followers will no long be engaged.

4. Choose the best social media channels

There are now multiple social media channels on which your business can have a presence. It is important to choose and use the best channel because this allows for a positive two-way conversation to take place with your customers. Being on every social network does not necessarily ensure growth for your business. If you have a presence on every social media channel this means that your resources are spread and you are more likely to be inconsistent because you don’t have the ability to respond and maintain all the platforms properly. Therefore, in order for your business to grow it is important to limit the amount of social media channels you operate through. In choosing which social media channels to spend your resources on you should find out the channels your customers are spending most of their time on. This will ensure that your resources are used most efficiently.

Outsource social media5. It is okay to Delegate

Sometimes if your business is growing fast, you may not have the resources to continue using social media. Therefore, you are able to hire an outside company who will focus on social media so you are able to focus on other areas of your business. The outside company must also be in line with your business goals and objectives. These companies specialise in social media and they will continue the work that was previously been put in and they will hopefully allow your business to grow on social media.

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