Google Trends gets update to keyword research tool

Google has revealed it is rolling out a big new update to their Google Trends keyword research tool.  Google Trends is considered one of the most effective SEO tools as if can provide accurate information on how, when and where searchers are using specific keywords.

Google Trends gets update to keyword research tool

Photo: FirmBee, Pixabay

It’s safe to say the news is exciting for SEO practitioners who are eager to explore and take advantage of the new features. Google’s reveal highlighted 3 primary areas of improvement:

  • Brand new features
  • Easier navigation
  • Expanded ways to explore news stories and hard data

The interface of Google trends has also gone under the knife, being redesigned so that its style conforms more to Google’s Material Design framework, which ensures that it functions and appears attractively no matter what device you are using it on.

Google announced the following new features for their keyword research tool:

  • A redesigned Trending searches area that shows what’s trending right now and can be viewed daily or minute-by-minute
  • A redesigned area where Google Trends data stores can be seen. It is a great area to find examples of data visualisations of Google trends made by newsrooms.
  • Ease of access to data from Year in Search dating back to 2001 allowing practitioners to see how interest in search has historically changed
  • Brand new infographic formats such as the intensity map that allows a more meaningful comparison of topics

For the purposes of SEO, Google trends now has features that allow practitioners to detect which keywords are popular and use them to target specific geographic regions with specialised outreach and/or content.

The information that Google Trends provides can be using fore determining content topics, PPC copy, link building strategies as well as tailoring content for maximum impact from specific audiences.

SEO practitioners will certainly be happy with these new features that expand the power that Google Trends and its keyword research tool gives them.