Google tests feature for users to submit queries they want answered

Google has revealed that it is testing a new feature in its search results page that will ask users to submit detailed queries to the company via the search results box. The new feature prompts users to “Get the answer you’re looking for” and type in a detailed question they would like to see content created for.

Google tests feature for users to submit queries they want answered

Google is testing a new search feature that will enable users to submit queries they want answered. Photo: PhotoMIX-Company, Pixabay

This information is then fed to Google and the company says that it may in fact pass these questions onto content creators who will be able to write and publish content that better answers the user’s query.

Google seeks to generate more high quality content that it can index and serve to its user base, which will lead to greater satisfaction as more people find the information they want. However, this type of content would not be rewarded with any kind of rankings advantage, and would be indexed in the same way as any other piece of content on the internet.

A spokesperson from Google said that this new feature is starting as a small scale experiment that is designed to reveal higher quality and more authoritative results for users, supporting a healthier ecosystem of online content. The prompt appears in the search results when Google identifies that a user is not finding the content they are looking for.

The next step for Google is to explore the ways in which they can draw attention to these questions so that content creators notice and begin to provide the answers users are seeking.

Google seems eager to enrich the content ecosystem of the internet as a whole and this can be seen in their last few major algorithm updates. However, this new feature is designed to fills holes in online content rather than directly discourage or penalise low quality content.

Google says that it has no intention to create this new content internally nor partner with other companies and pay them to do it. Google also said that they would protect user privacy and not pass on any information to 3rd parties other than the wording of the question.