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Google Testing New Content Analytics System to Measure In-Store Conversions

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One of the greatest tools that you can use to soar high when it comes to SEO and search engine marketing is information. If you have information about every new trend at the right time, then you can hold your head high and move forward with these methods, to make the best profit out of each.

google seo serviceThe latest news coming from Google is that they are testing a new system. It will help track conversations that have been in store for a very long time, which were previously not visible to users.

The news has it that Google has enlisted the services of numerous huge multiple data providers in a pilot project. It will see them aid Google in tracking the online referrals and web-driven conversations of six huge undisclosed businesses, information that has been stored for a very long time.

Many people who might not understand this news, which was first released by the Wall Street Journal, might be bewildered at why it is making the headlines. Now, the reason why this is very huge news to the Internet and affiliate marketers is that if this attempt proves successful, it will bring in another great innovation in the SEO world. The result is that Google content analytics, which tracks all that is done online, would have achieved another result. There will now be a method of checking, tracking, measuring and recording the level and amount of return on investment that online ads and visibility generate.

Google’s Database

The method is that all the cookies that are stored in the computer set of the customers are also matched with the sales information which these partners gather from Google’s database.

For the layman, this achievement, when completed, will simply offer a solution to the question of whether these online ads and content can really drive more sales for establishments that sell physical goods. The real thing is that the best ways of measuring the relationship between the ads and content and the physical sales that occur in firms is guaranteed.

While this is done by allowing the data companies collaborating with Google to have access to numerous data, which they use in matching online actions with stored conversations, Google still insists that this action does not encroach into or breach the personal or privacy issues of consumers. This is because these data firms only achieve these results using algorithms, and when algorithms are used to scramble data, they do not reveal the personal information of the data owners, but rather throw out this information with numbers and codes.

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