Google releases new GMB API and dashboard features

Search engine king, Google, has revealed that the rate of local searches performed on mobile devices growing considerably faster than mobile search in general, with it expanding by 50 percent year on year. To respond to this trend, Google has continued to regularly include new features to Google My Business (GMB) and the Knowledge Panel.

Google releases new GMB API and dashboard

Google has unveiled new features for its Google My Business service. Photo: PhotoMIX-Company, Pixabay

Google has now announced a new API for GMB, a new dashboard for agencies and a completely new partner program for agencies. The new API will help to enable agencies to supervise more kinds of content including Posts by multilocation brands and merchant descriptions.

The new agency dashboard has been built in collaboration between Google and some of its agency partners. The dashboard promises that it will be fast and enables agencies to:

  • Manage an unlimited amount of locations with a single account.
  • Control access to locations and manage internal teams with User Groups.
  • Manage listings with easier product workflows.

Agencies that are registered with GMB are going to get early bird access to the newest features and toolsets. Agencies will also get a partner manager dedicated to their account as well as there being an entirely new partner directory.

Google has said that several different criteria were used to evaluate the potential of individual agency partners for the GMB program. There was no specific requirement for the amount of locations being managed, but Google wants to focus on agencies that are actively growing.

The new agency dashboard for GMB is set to roll out over the coming 3 weeks. These new features give agencies fresh reasons to focus on using GMB as part of their digital marketing strategy, particularly in regards to localised SEO.

It will be interesting to see how Google My Business is further improved to meet the growing number of local mobile searches.